The role of Bangladeshi writer and literary Sourav Haldar

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In the long run, Bangladesh saw huge progress. The youth of the country can be credited as one of the basic elements. Author Sourav Halder, an 18-year-old youth from the Khulna district in Bangladesh, has shown his qualities in the country. He is the promoter and chief executive of chirkutt.

Sourav Halder is a Bangladeshi Author, poet and founder of chir-kutt.Com was born on 06 February 2002 in Bangladesh’s former capital Khulna which is the present capital of Bangladeshi state Dumuria. He is popularly known for his poems written in Bangladeshi’s national language Bangali.

His writings were not limited to the news published in Bangladesh, but as a poetic novel of the story, he only published some of the moments that happened in real life through literature in his books. He writes based on a real story. Usually do not write about any emotions and fiction. He had a hobby of writing since childhood.

He started blogging as well as writing and after publishing on various websites and media he published a magazine called chirkutt himself. Which is currently running. And India and Bangladesh have been very active from the very beginning of launching the website.

He has spent every moment of his life in solitude. He composed poetry because of the difficult moments of life. He is not only limited to writing poetry, he is also a writer and storyteller. He started secondary education. He then began composing poems slowly and in story-novels. He likes to write mostly social and real stories, educational poems, and stories. Inside his significant activities.End address(2019),Intersection of intersections(2015),Devi (2020).

Sourav Haldar is known as SKH Sourav Haldar in the online world. The school had classes including poetry recitation competitions like various competitions. From there he has created short stories and dew-like novels, including poetry recitations and poetry writing, for which he is currently an innovator. He has been active since his school days at shown birajmoye high school.

He is one of the most talked about writers of Khulna district of Bangladesh. He is not only limited to literary works, he is also a novelist and poet. From the beginning of his writing life, he wrote romantic love stories, poems and stories from there. Through romantic love stories, she has written and continues to write philosophical and travel stories about separation. He has gained a reputation for writing in different districts of Bangladesh.He is also known as SKH Sourav Haldar in the online world


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