The Price Tag of Freelance Invoicing: Study Uncovers Hourly Rates of Invoice Professionals 

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In today’s gig economy, understanding the financial dynamics of the freelance market is pivotal. A recent study from Skynova meticulously breaks down the hourly rates of freelance invoicing professionals. The study, based on 1,000 job posts on Upwork, highlights the rate variations according to different parameters such as areas of expertise, education level, and geographic location.

The Influence of Specialty: How Expertise Dictates Freelance Rates

The research indicates that freelancing accounting professionals who specialize in invoicing charge, on average, $30.18 per hour for their services. However, freelancers focusing on tax preparation tend to command the highest rates, with an average of $38.78 per hour. Following closely are those offering payroll processing services, charging an average of $38.71 per hour.

Tax preparation and payroll processing are the skills freelancers charge the most for. Those freelancers specializing in payroll processing have the highest number of freelancing gigs, 36 on average. 

Gender Divide: A Comparative Look at Male and Female Freelancers’ Earnings

There are noteworthy gender differences within the invoicing sector. For instance, women with invoicing experience and proficiency in Microsoft Word seem to secure the most jobs. The most profitable skills for female freelancers are chart of accounts, accounts payable, and accounts receivable, yielding average hourly rates of $40.36, $35.14, and $34.76, respectively. On the other hand, men generally achieve the highest hourly rates from accounting skills, at $31.32, and secure the most work with accounts payable experience.

The Education Effect: The Role of Academic Credentials in Freelancing Rates

Education level’s impact on freelancer rates is another significant takeaway from this study. A substantial majority of invoicing freelancers, 85%, have at least a bachelor’s degree. However, it’s intriguing to note that freelancers with only a high school diploma or less worked the most jobs. The highest hourly rates were claimed by those possessing master’s or doctorate degrees, averaging $34.39. Meanwhile, freelancers without bachelor’s degrees also earned notably higher than those with a bachelor’s degree, with average hourly rates of $33.49 and $27.95, respectively.

Location Matters: Geographic Trends in Freelancing Rates

Geography also plays a key role in the hourly rates of invoicing professionals. New York surfaced as the state with the highest average hourly rate, at $52.30. Florida and Georgia trailed closely, offering average rates of $51.24 and $49.85, respectively.

The Art of Negotiation in the Freelance Invoicing Market

The study offers intriguing insights into the freelance invoicing market. For freelancers, it underlines the importance of evaluating their skills and qualifications when determining their rates. For businesses, it highlights the potential benefits of keeping specific tasks in-house. By understanding these dynamics, both freelancers and businesses can better navigate negotiations, ensuring fair compensation.


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