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Pranav Sharma a 25 year old but timeless at heart is truly on the journey of discovering himself. He has many feathers in his hat and counting. He has published two books so far, the ‘Chords of heart: An Athenaeum of Emotions’ and ‘Soft as feather: an ode to existence’. Both of which have given him an outlet for his creativity. Pranav can only be described as considerate, understanding, mischievous, philosophical and an amicable being. Apart from minting words in his spare time he is also a motivational trainer and a transformational speaker. Pranav is the CEO and founder of the Selection Wala Overseas Group. At SWO, they help brands or institutions to develop themselves and offer premium management support services. They specialize in fields of education and Healthcare.

How does he do it all? The man behind all of this. Pranav Sharma was just another lad from the heart of Delhi. Life all throughout meandered and has brought him to be the man that he is today.

He is yet to stick to a profession since he claims himself to be a ‘work in progress’. We would all benefit a lot more if we’d start looking through the same lens as him. Pranav speaks highly about connecting with your spiritual self and discovering the journey that your inner ideals have set out for you. He is a down-to-earth guy that seeks his inspiration and values from his parents and spiritual guru. It’s almost as if he has already ascended on his spiritual journey, he has won an accolade of awards including the Ne8x Literature Fest 2020, Best Books for 2020, Literary Icon of India, Best author of the year, Featured author and the Sahityakosh Samman award but, he still considers his contribution to be the real prize here.

He has truly pushed himself out of his lane and has done everything in his power not to become part of the ‘herd mentality’ and has made something of himself and will continue to. Pranav is a a real life example that even if you have something out of the box, with sincere effort and confidence in yourself, you will achieve it! That is why he teaches us to tread new paths, think radical designs and be true to our real self image and not what society asks of us. A true oddball that has shown us how it’s done!

It is shocking to do so much in such little time, we asked Pranav what he does in his free time and this is what he had to say, “My brain is jogging, my heart is doing cartwheels and my soul is doing push ups” enthusiastic as ever. He believes in the divine light and his ‘can-do’ attitude has taken him places. All of his zeal and personality is what he has put into starting up SWO Group businesses. At SWO him and his team of energetic members help support your business and brand. SWO works with bettering their environment as one of their core visions. They help their clients make the right choices and pave the right trajectory for them. At SWO they also provide live consultation and broadcasting information for students to help with their education. They also have products and services that can revolutionize education and the healthcare environs. To learn more about him and his work at SWO Visit:


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