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The most talented person in Mumbai – Ubbay Francis explains how to earn crores monthly by celebrity promotions

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Ubbay Francis – Most talented person in Mumbai

Ubbay Francis is the most talented person in Mumbai. He has many talents like celebrity management, celebrity and client relationship management, celerity bodybuilding coaching, model, etc. He is the bestselling author of The Importance of Physics in Bodybuilding.

He is a well known face in the Celebrity Promotions, Management, and Bodybuilding Coaching Industry. “I have a lot of contacts and I am smart enough to help each of them in the best way. That’s one of my talents,” says Ubbay Francis.

Coming to his advice on how to make crores, he says, “hardwork, passion, and dedication are the key. Even a rickshaw driver earns in lakhs due to his talent, so it’s obvious that celebrity promoters earn in crores if they are talented. You just need to have the right contacts and be honest with your work.”

Recently, Ubbay Francis published his debut book The Importance of Physics in Bodybuilding. It was published by Digital Golgappa which is India’s leading and most trusted marketing agency.

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