The masked face behind the Success of PATIDAR RAJWADI CHAI.

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PATIDAR RAJWADI CHAI, a new entrant in the tea powder and outlet industry is well known among the crowd of Mumbai’s all time chai lovers who enjoy each sip of cardamon rich masaledar kadak chai of this new emerging brand famous in the locality of Mumbai and its suburban regions among its localists.

The brand established in the year 1997 has been able to make its reach across 5 states of the nation successfully with tremendous response among its loyal chai ke deewane customers. Running and make wide reach across various stated through its franchisee model PATIDAR RAJWADI CHAI is not only emerged as a tea outlet category restaurant brand but is working on its far sight vision of becoming a household brand PAN INDIA.

As we discussed on to its vision, let us know in brief about the MAN behind the success of this brand who lifted its business structure and model from a traditional and conventional chai stall to a well established and attractive go to place whenever a masaledar kadak chai is in someone’s mind.

Dr. Nimesh Gautamlal Patidar, CEO & CO-Founder of the brand, a young 24-year-old visionary gentlemen with a strong perception towards his innovative and challenging ideas in order to strive and succeed in the near to perfectly competitive market among other big old brand houses. Dr. Nimesh Patidar, son of Mr. Gautamlal Patidar since his childhood had his hands and eyes on his father’s small tea outlets started off initially by his father a new comer to Mumbai City with a dream to give his son’s better education and opportunities deserving opportunities. With having a small hawkers stall at the start in Mumbai’s Thane region they then moved to other attractive commercial part of the city to try their luck backed with their unique recipe of Special Rajwadi Chai. With a passion to disrupt the conventional set up of continuing selling tea Dr. Nimesh introduced various modern methods by employing Machinery’s, Modern Kitchen set ups, trained staffs with a sense of hospitality to enrich Chai Lovers experience with each cup of tea that they have at PATIDAR RAJWADI CHAI.

A Far-sighted individual with a sheer dedication to achieve targets of quality, customer satisfaction and uniformity in products offered across the outlets having presence wide spread. Being A Doctor completed with his bachelors in medicine and in surgery he is completely dedicated to introduce a factor of health and fitness in the product ranges offered which included serving of Vegan tea, Diabetic friendly tea, Detoxicating Green, and other among a wide range of servings that they have got to offer. Having an attitude of inviting challenging healthy competition among other brands Dr. Nimesh has become a role setter for others in the industry who set new limits and benchmarks for competitors making every move with full care, exercising all laboratory tests before serving any new idea in a cup to the customers. Dr. Nimesh with his enriching budding entrepreneurial role has always been a go to person, who has the ability to understand the ecosystem of integrating teams to get the right job done at the right time. For more details of the brand and its products visit:

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