The Incredible People Behind eComm Automation Leader PushAMZ

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With a brilliant team of well-rounded entrepreneurs and social media personalities, PushAMZ has made waves as a leader in the eComm automation industry. The full-service management company for Amazon seller stores has helped countless individuals and businesses earn passive income. They have been covered by numerous news and magazine outlets like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Times.

PushAMZ acts as a store manager for Amazon seller stores by setting up an entire store from the ground up and constantly monitoring its performance. Clients work intensively with the PushAMZ team to get the necessary legal documents before officially kicking off the store’s operations. Once the needed documents for registration and compliance are complete, the store is launched, and the listing of products begins.

Clients ‘ stores are introduced to Amazon during the seasoning of accounts and the product listing to build sales volume and gain positive ratings. Clients will then make sure that they have built their business on a solid foundation of healthy account metrics. However, clients don’t have to worry as the people behind PushAMZ will help them maintain strong metrics to scale their business to higher sales.

As clients’ stores ramp up, PushAMZ will then present a variety of products to the seller’s store and help them scale their sales volume. As long as the clients keep healthy metrics, they’ll have access to an almost limitless income. Every store’s performance will be closely monitored by PushAMZ, and they communicate to their clients anything that could be helpful in further improving their performance.

PushAMZ’s success wouldn’t be possible without its set of leaders who work very hard to elevate its status in the industry. The company is led by Luis Millan, a veteran tech entrepreneur who is one of its co-founders and currently works as its COO. Luis is a famous Instagram personality as well, with over 35 thousand followers on the platform.

Another important person behind PushAMZ’s triumph is its chairman of the board, Mac Ismail, an entrepreneur from Australia. Like Luis, Mac has worked with numerous tech companies and has led organizations with over 50 employees. Mac has a tested background in contract management, so as PushAMZ’s board chairman, he uses his familiarity with legalities in processing clients’ affairs.

Jonathan Maxim is PushAMZ’s chief revenue officer and also its chief marketing officer, who uses his solid Instagrampresence to build up the company. He has worked for gigantic brands in the US like TikTok, Universal Music Group, and Monster Energy. Jonathan also served as a marketing strategist for celebrities like rapper Eminem and Grammy-award-winning singer Billie Eilish.

Other important figures in PushAMZ’s success are its brand ambassadors, namely entrepreneur Chase Alley and athlete Stephanie Schuldt. For his entrepreneurial achievements, Chase has been featured in numerous magazines like Forbes and has found fame on Instagram as well. Stephanie, popularly known as Steph Lynn on Instagram, has been working in the e-commerce space to support her adventures as a divemaster.

PushAMZ has grown into a company that has helped thousands of people while earning six digits every month. People can check out the company’s Instagram account to learn more about them and how they’re changing eComm automation for good. E-commerce will indeed continue to thrive with companies like PushAMZ as they help revolutionize the industry in the years to come.

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