Ever since projects like CryptoPunks and Bored Apes Yacht Club, NFTs have taken off in the digital space, creating a developing new sector. Though the world at first remained uncertain about the future of these digital assets, the success and popularity of such projects paved the way for digital innovation and growth. Since then, renowned institutions, companies, and personalities have put their trust in these novel tokens and harnessed their ability to provide multiple utilities across different spaces.

Though NFTs were undoubtedly a breakthrough, their consistency and ability to sustain themselves into the future came under initial scrutiny. For many reasons, this wariness was well-founded. Questions about the inherent value of NFTs made the essential push toward increasing their utility. It was then that an integration with Web 3.0 and Metaverse took place. The digital community welcomed this integration, with the belief that it would take the industry to new places and heights. However, amidst this transition, numerous projects forgot to retain a genuine appreciation for human culture. Rather than moving toward a human-oriented ideology, many projects focused their attention on animals and other non-human characters, failing to understand the need to create a reflection of the human in the metaverse.

This is where The High Society takes up the mantle and reintroduces human nature to their NFTs while also offering a niche social club. With NFTs building momentum, the project focuses on cannabis culture and brings an appreciation of the human to the metaverse. The High Society is dedicated to developing art that bridges a gap in the existing market — one that has arisen from a failure to appreciate ourselves. Although we observe many projects in the current market, none better understand the need to represent our true identities in the digital space. Starting with variations and derivatives of celebrities known for participating in cannabis culture, The High Society will shine a light on recognizable figures in the first phases of its production.

About The High Society

The High Society is an NFT collection that represents a social club and cannabis culture. It focuses on human nature and cultural figures across the digital community. As the NFT industry takes charge in Web 3.0 and the metaverse, The High Society is developing art that celebrates personality, bongs, and lounge life.

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