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(In Pic: K S Gururaja, Chairman, SportiWe & Nalini Gururaja, Director, SportiWe)

Nalini Gururaja & K S Gururaja a renowned couple from Mysore, Karnataka; were the first ones to believe in Son (Varun Gururaja)’s dream project SportiWe which he was working intensively since 2015.

The couple who are actively involved various business activities in the city of Mysore for over three decades always believe in “Giving back to the society” by means of supporting various community causes.

When Varun first spoke about the project with his parents, without any hesitation; Both Nalini and Gururaja extended their arms to SportiWe where the company’s intention is to make the world stay fit through sports.

Running a business can be a challenge at any stage and especially when you are start-up; there are more challenges like identification of the right resources, fund infusion, subject matter expertise, etc.; Keeping all these worries aside, the one thing Mr. & Mrs. Gururaja promised Varun was that they are with him either be it a success or failure but take his dream seriously.

Nalini & Gururaja have always been a positive role model to not only their son but to the entire SportiWe family which has grown now to over 30 employees in Mysore & Vadodara.

With the kind of experience and exposure the couple has over the last three decades, the entire SportiWe employees seek mentorship and guidance not only on the professional front but also on the personal side.

Sportiwe officially incorporated under the name of NGSportiWe Technologies Private Limited was formed during July last year with only 3 founding employees. Today, the company is headquartered in Mysore and Vadodara hosts the technology center.

SportiWe is a tech-enabled platform that brings together Sporting enthusiasts, sports venues, sports products, services, and academia under one umbrella. It caters to the whole Sporting ecosystem by creating B2B B2C and C2C contacts. The platform is developed in a plug-and-play format for global geographic expansion. SportiWe intends to bring the whole sporting fraternity under one roof.

SportiWe beacons an entry point for many unheard businesses to surface and push the economic growth of the Sporting industry. The key to achieving this will be the flexibility that is created on the platform to trade on. A very flexible Marketplace, for venues, and other businesses will let everyone create customized business avenues on the app and accelerate the growth industry. For the users, it opens a whole dimension to display their talent and further opens many opportunities to collaborate with the jobs of their like.

At SportiWe, you can find and match with like-minded people with similar sporting interests near you and also find a sporting place to rate, review and also purchase offers and promotions a venue has to offer. There is community feeder also in the application where it allows users to engage to their favourite sport.

The application is still at infancy stage, however; over 5K users have already on-boarded and the company expects to enrol 1 Million more users in the coming days to keep them connected to their sport.

SportiWe is now available to download on both Google Play Store and Apple Store or download from:

You can also stay updated on SportiWe by following:


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