The best premium sneaker brands of 2021 as per King Kicks

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A good brand is one that constantly renovates itself. It is in a way symbolic of its customers’ spirit. And in a world where reinvent or perish is the name of the game, it’s hardly surprising that most big players and accomplished brands are jostling for space in the consumer’s minds. However, if there’s one brand that doesn’t believe in catching up but setting the trend, it is King Kicks. A Texas-based company, King Kicks has been known to keep some of the best brands that the world of sneakers has to offer. With ‘only authentic sneakers’ as their mission statement, the brand has always kept a keen eye on what’s yay and nay among sneakers and sneaker fans. In this article, they share their list of the five best premium sneaker brands of 2021. Let’s dive right in!

Nike Air Max 270

“This is one of Nike’s most comfortable sneakers to spend a day in. With their light-weight React rubber sole, they stand to get into the good books of sneaker lovers across the globe in a jiffy. Available in a myriad of colors, we feel their white and black version will blast through the bestseller list.”

Adidas Originals
“Originals never go out of style, especially when they have Adidas as their first name. Sleek, reliable, and a potent mix of a million little fibers, these are often labeled as the best sneakers of all times. Their easy grip on the feet and the sense of depth they have give the wearer plenty of confidence.” 

Golden Goose Superstar

“The Golden Goose Superstar offers some of the most stylish range of sneakers. Italian to boot, pun intended, they pay homage to superior craftsmanship and luxury. Their distressed leather look is complimented well with their ultra-luxe styles and patterns.”

Adidas Ultra Boost 20

“Adidas rules the roost as far as sneakers are concerned. Another one of their innovative designs, the UltraBoost 20 is a delight to wear and easy on the feet. With comfort as their main goal, these have an edge that promise to boost sales in 2021.”

Balenciaga Black Speed

“Inspired by the panther, this black beauty is a top-notch offering from fashion giant Balenciaga. They are an epitome of innovation with their stretchy knit and memory sole, technologies that have put Black Speed right among the best.”

Looks like 2021 is ready to kick the blues of 2020 away!

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