Telangana: computer scince engineering student Sai Abhinay Chepuri Started Startups that helps talented and Farmers

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Sai abhinay Chepuri family background is also a reason for the determination to work for the farmers. Abhinay is once a wealthy family in their energy village. 50 people who work near 50 people. Ten cars at home. Even that family has introduced the telephone. But the ships were ranked when he was 4 years old. The family has lost the end of the liabilities. Feeding at least to eat at least, has fallen. But slowly stated that family for a few years. Abhinay chepuri suffered a lot of fluctuations, he grew up with understanding of his peers. A startup started when engineering was in the first year for unemployment for unemployment. It’s also good recognition. Abhinay chepuri came to giving opportunities in good companies to transmit the basic training required with his professors for those with Talent. All of them are free of free. In 2019, you received the SWI International Emerging Entrepreneur Award in 2019 in YouNGest Ideal Entrepreneur Award in 2018, as recognition of his work. Best Youngest Innovative Entrepreneur Award was also selected in 2020.

Boon to organic farmers

Another startup company Enviropromise works in many fields that currently starting Sai abhinay chepuri. first of all established direct relationships with farmers, they train required in organic agriculture. then the organic crops that manufacture farmers offer the acceptable platform to sell foodstuffs. Recycled the waste of crops and tries to extend the farmers financial gain by mercantilism those product. From crop waste to Bio Diesel, plan|the thought|the concept} the thought Patrol’s idea of ​​Sai abhinay chepuri. Even electricity and star vehicles ar expected to provide. Sai abhinay chepuri is powerfully opposed by chemical agriculture. The food we tend to eat for chemical fertilizers, insect powder, could be a diet that’s eaten . thence the organic agriculture is alleged to be tight. that is why the farmers are crammed by his startup to maneuver to the farm. Social media is already conscious of Abhinay Organic food. A platform available of organic food product through web site. Abhinay Sai is currently simply twenty one years recent. At such a young age, this juvenile had an enormous mind, innovative, appealing to generous peers.

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