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Team Sameer Clicks is bringing nightlife to the spotlight

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The world of photography is quickly gaining followers among the newer generations? But how many are aware of the true extent of the art form and are willing to go outside the box to pursue it? Read on to know about Syed Sameer Munna, and his photography Team Sameer Clicks, which does exactly that.

According to Syed Sameer Munna, there are very few people who have an in-depth view of photography. While many know about fashion photography, wedding photography and commercial photography something such as nightlife photography is not a mainstream form of art. Sameer believes the reason behind this to be that people are more eager to run after money rather than their true passion in life. This is why they go into activities that have more opportunities to grow quick- but when you try hard enough anything and everything can be made into a success. With this mentality, Sameer broke through in the nightlife photography industry when less than 10 professionals were working out of his home state of Hyderabad. Soon after, he began to influence others about what nightlife photography actually entails and how one can become a good photographer irrespective of the genre they choose. If you want to know more, Syed Sameer Munna has also written a book by the name of “Three success tips by Team Sameer Clicks for young and upcoming nightlife photographers”, available on Google.

Hurdles outside of the industry’s specific challenges have also made it difficult for Syed Sameer Sameer to make his name into a household one. Recently the pandemic has proven itself as a setback for people from all walks of life. The photography industry has not been spared with a decrease in events as well as freelancing opportunities to shoot content. Yet Sameer has not strayed from his original goal of achieving a strong footing as one of the leading nightlife photographers from India and used the time to build up his arsenal of skills so that the business could be back with a bigger bang once the lockdown ended.

At present, the Team Sameer Clicks team consists of Syed Sameer as the founder with team leader Sai Kumar, creative coach Rakesh Badai, portrait photographer Dany Kanway and chief editor Hari Krishna. With the help of these five people, Sameer has made Team Sameer Clicks a success and has brought nightlife photography to an international forum representing their home country of India. While this has definitely been a journey and one worth being proud of Syed Sameer Sameer states that they have just started out and have several more milestones to achieve before they consider themselves truly successful. Indeed, one of Syed Sameer Sameer’s biggest goals in the future is to become the official photographer for the Tomorrowland festival.

If you want to know more about Syed Sameer Munna and Team Sameer Clicks and would like to check out their projects in nightlife photography the link to that Instagram profile is given below:


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