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Tara Mitra’s Global Impact on the Yoga World

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Humanity has always gone through a spectrum of feelings. Our lives are filled with joy, happiness, beauty, and excitement. But there are also times where it consists of sorrow, hardship, and struggles. Healing is a very necessary part of everyone’s journey in moving forward and finding success. The healing can begin with spirituality through the process of yoga, pranayama, chanting and meditation.

A renowned yoga therapist/public figure who has been conducting this practice for the last 18 years, has helped guide many individuals to healing when they were at their lowest point in life, but are now soaring towards better balance. May it be anxiety or low back pain yoga therapy is an amazing tool. The notable & well-established yoga figure we are talking about is Tara Mitra. Tara Mitra is a 47-year-old yoga therapist in the T. Krishnamacharya lineage who was born in Toronto, ON Canada on October 8th 1974 and has set her life’s journey towards helping people.

Tara Mitra has a following of over 17,000 people actively watching and learning from her content and even from her exclusive courses. She first started managing restaurants back when she was 18. She spent a lot of her life in Canada growing up, learning photography, nutrition and culinary/chef school at George Brown College.

Tara currently lives in Italy in Catania, Sicily and is changing the lives of many students that work with her closely online and in person. To speak to someone who has over 18 years of experience in yoga (ashtanga yoga and yoga therapy), pranayama, meditation, and healing is a blessing on its own. But to learn and heal from yoga therapy directly from an individual with this level on intelligence, is remarkable. With her followers and students growing on a daily basis, Tara Mitra is making a global impact through every lesson she teaches and each person’s life she ascends.

Connect with Tara to find out how you can begin to heal with yoga therapy –

Tara offers one-to-one sessions online so you can practice with her from anywhere in the world or attend one of her live global workshops or retreats or online courses.

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