Swasth Alliance, Actgrant and United Way Bangalore have donated BiPAP Machines and Oxygen Concentrators to Government Hospitals in Uttarakhand.

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Some situations and circumstances necessitate the assistance of others, and what is humanity if not to assist those in need? Some instances might turn the tables up and down for several people. In a materialistic world like today, there is an enormous requirement for various resources like equipment, food, and money to help the needy. As the saying goes, “Helping hands are better than praying lips”, assisting hands to provide instant help by enabling us to meet the immediate requirements in a quick way and in a short time. Recently, Swasth Alliance, Actgrant, and United Way Bangalore have collaboratively made an effort to bring a positive change and stand firm regarding their moral responsibility by donating BiPAP machines and oxygen concentrators to various government hospitals in Uttarakhand under Mission Oxygen.

In the health industry, there is always a requirement for expensive equipment that might enable doctors to treat patients in a much more efficient way. But, the equipment in many hospitals is limited, and this is leading to the unavailability of a few services to people. Due to inadequate equipment, the services are not able to meet the needs of the needy in an emergency. It is indeed true that a poor man could not afford a multi-speciality hospital. It is so generous of Swasth Alliance, Actgrant, and United Way Bangalore to provide the much needed BiPAP machines and oxygen concentrators to several government hospitals in Uttarakhand with the ideal motive that they would be for the use of the needy in emergency situations.

Swasth Alliance, Actgrant, and United Way Bangalore have collectively donated 116 BiPAP machines and 113 oxygen concentrators to government hospitals in Uttarakhand. Pravesh Uniyal, chairman of Devbhoomi Samiti, Swati Chauhan, Dr Anshul Kumar, Dr Shubham Sharma, Dr Anshu Sharma, Dr Punia Uniyal, and Aniket Pal also graced the event of the distribution of BiPAP machines and oxygen concentrators. Dr Ajay Nair, CEO of Swasth Alliance, said that Uttarakhand is a hilly state where health supplies and essentials are mostly required. In fact, there have been several incidents in recent years where oxygen concentrators have proven to be extremely useful and necessary even in areas with regular terrain. In a state like Uttarakhand, which is located at high altitudes where the oxygen levels are low, this problem might become a bit more of a problem. The requirement for oxygen concentrators and BiPAP machines is high as the BiPAP machine is essentially used to push air into the lungs when there is breathing trouble.

This incident is just one example out of the multiple charity services done by the esteemed organisations. The team has provided thousands of oxygen concentrators and lakhs of medical supplies across the country. They have been working relentlessly to meet the needs of the needy by offering food and shelter and by conducting awareness programs. Organisations such as Swasth Alliance, Actgrant, and United Way Bangalore are setting an example in terms of charity and in making the world a better place to live.



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