Sulake Enters NFT Space, Featuring Habbo Avatars And Upcoming Integrations

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The creators of Habbo Hotel and Hotel Hideaway has recently announced the Habbo NFT project. Backed by a community of over 800,000 active users, ‘NFT whales’ are starting to show their interest in the project.

Habbo Sold Out 10.000 NFT Avatars - Play to Earn
Habbo Hotel, Sulake Corporation

In January 2021, Habbo’s parent company, Sulake, was acquired by Dutch media and technology company, Azerion, after being under Finnish tele-giant Elisa since 2013.

11,600 unique and automatically generated Habbo Avatars up for grabs

The Habbo Avatar NFT collection on OpenSea is currently sitting at a 0.70 ETH floor price, with a great climb behind itself from a 0.2 ETH mint earlier this week. NFT enthusiasts are already drawing comparisons between Sulake’s new flagship project and some of the worlds biggest and most successful NFT projects on Twitter.

Bringing NFTs into a game with 21 years of success

22-year-old marketer Truls Aandal, expressed on Twitter that he is excited about the game of his childhood entering the NFT space.

– I’ve played Habbo on and off since 2007-2008, and I’m super excited to see the guys at Sulake pulling this off. The team behind the project are actual legends, and I can assure you that we’re in good hands. Bringing NFTs into a game with 21 years of great success is nothing less than spectacular, and legendary, Truls states.

The Verge: What Are NFTs?

The company published their roadmap for the project, implying that integrations between the blockchain and Habbo Hotel is coming, and that NFT owners will reap benefits in the virtual world.

Habbo Avatar NFT, Roadmap

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