SUITABLEE: How Two Engineers with No Background in the Fashion Industry Built a Booming Fashion Brand for Men

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Sometimes people can find unexpected success outside of their comfort zones. For brothers Jean-Sebastien and Jean-Jeremie Siow, a tech background led to a revolutionary new men’s fashion brand.

Founded in October of 2015, SUITABLEE combines old-world tailoring with cutting-edge technology. Specializing in men’s custom suits and dress shirts paired up with the perfect accessories, SUITABLEE delivers amazing fit and quality for a very reasonable price.

The Siow brothers utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure their eye-catching suits are a perfect fit for every customer. And due to the nature of their fitting process, this business thrived during the pandemic rather than succumbing to the economic downturn. The days of awkward measurements are a thing of the past thanks to the innovation of these brothers.

SUITABLEE is the first AI-enabled custom suit company that delivers a personalized measuring process from customer homes. Yet, this process is also simple as people only need to answer a few questions. The company’s automatic sizing technology generates custom patterns based on the customer survey and thousands of scans from other individuals. This technology is so accurate that only 10 percent of online sales require minor alterations.

Acknowledging that some need assistance in the custom measurement process, SUITABLEE offers virtual Zoom consultations. Fabric samples are available, and SUITABLEE even offers a design platform for those who want to design and style their suits. Being the first AI-enabled custom men’s fashion company has let the Siows simplify a previously cumbersome process.

These tech-savvy brothers continue to stay ahead of the curve in observing retail shifts. E-commerce has taken precedence over brick-and-mortar stores, and SUITABLEE is a pioneer in online custom menswear. As we are returning to more of a pre-pandemic world, the convenience of online shopping is here to stay.

The Siow brothers are well-aware of this and intend to stay consistent in their business model. In fact, they are expecting an uptick in business due to the number of post-COVID social events on the horizon. With a projection of triple-digit gains in 2021, SUITABLEE has a future that looks as good as its products.


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