STOP using 20 YEARS OLD & OBSELETE ENGINE OIL for your Cars, Motorcycles, Scooters etc. Better products are not always costly.

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American Petroleum Institute (API), a global body governing the grades and specifications of engine oils, continues to develop specific grades of engine oil for a particular generation of vehicles. The specific generation of grades can be seen and understood on the official website.While SN and SN Plus grades are currently considered ideal for the current generation of vehicles, the older and obsolete grades like SM, SL, SJ are presently dominant in the market due to their lower prices.

By March 2020 end, India was home to more than 30 Crores Two-Wheelers including motorcycles and scooters, the numbers of Four-Wheelers including cars, jeeps, and commercial vehicles is even more than that. With the biggest conglomerates involved in the manufacturing of engine oil in India and abroad, why is nobody interested in thinking about nature and the future. This is a question to think upon.

While some brands have already started to manufacture and supply the required grades of oil, the larger pie still remains to those who benefit from the old and obsolete but significant money-making grades.

SCHMIERMITTEL AUTOMOTIVES INDIA PVT LTD is a newly formed and privately held Indian Company that is involved in manufacturing of SN grade engine oil at one of the most advanced production facilities in Ulm, Germany, through an OEM partner. With their India Office based in Delhi, they currently supply very limited but satisfied channel partners. 

Schmiermittel intends to become the turning point of India’s lubricant industry. We aim to provide every customer with the engine oil their vehicle deserve. We have no intention for any quick money, and that’s why we don’t sell obsolete grades. As a manufacturer and, most importantly as a new brand, our focus is to give premium quality with required specification and grade at affordable prices. We believe this way we will win the trust of consumers. Wthout any heavily paid marketing and promotion, we will be able to increase our volume. May be not in months but definitely, before 2022 Christmas, we intend to have our channel partners in every part of India,” – says Mr Vishwadeep Kumar, Founder and Director, Schmiermittel Automotives India Pvt Ltd.

Glimpses of the Interview:

Interviewer: When did all this start? Why did this particular industry ??

Schmiermittel: (Laughs) I would say, Why not this industry? Pollution is the biggest problem we currently face, and our generations ahead will also face the same. So we decided to fix the most significant contributor of pollution, the automobile industry and its smoke emission. This is our bit to save mother earth. Recently the mother earth went furious, and Covid came. As a result, gladly, that’s when we started.

Interviewer: How are your products different from other brands?

Schmiermittel: We are no different. We also manufacture engine oil. It’s just that we make it as per current generation vehicles’ requirements. Though it costs a little more, it’s fair to charge a little extra when you don’t compromise quality. 

Interviewer: In that case, how can you say that your brand is affordable?

Schmiermittel: We don’t do so-called advertisements which cost in lacs or so. We do small and price-effective advertisements in the form of POS materials, and then we try to build the brand through other activities relevant to the industry. Nobody decides his brand of engine oil based on which actor is endorsing the brand.

Interviewer: Then how will people come to know about your brand?

Schmiermittel: We onboard partners who assure us that they will work in market feet on the street. We reach out to dealers and mechanics countrywide and show them our product through them. For POS, we give them branded merchandise like T-Shirts, Keychains, Posters, Notepads etc. We also give them considerable banners to be placed in markets and other locations. These things are enough as long as you provide a good quality product. Adding to that, we also sponsor some automobile industry events. We recently took part in an outstanding event at Gurgaon, Haryana, where so many respected individuals of the automobile industry were present. Currently, we are sponsoring a racing event held at NCR where so many renowned bikers will take part, and winners will take home trophies, cash and a lot more. So we do this kind of branding. The general public will ultimately learn it from there, and the shift will happen. I told you we are not here for quick money.

Now, at least we have a brand that says it is dedicated to the industry and requirements. It is still to see how much they adhere to their commitments and whether they reach where they want to or not.


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