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Stay Humble in Achievements and Learn from Downfalls, Advises Dairon Dip

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Ups and downs are like the rise and fall of a graph that shapes the character of our life. Apparent absence or overwhelming presence of one or the other can tip our worlds over the edge. Luckily, most of us live in the center. We thrive in the balance between the extremes where victories and defeats are peppered with more equanimity. For Dairon Dip, owner of four luxury car dealerships, it’s in staying humble during triumphs and open-minded when defeated that we can make the most of life.

Dairon Dip opened his first dealership when he was 19. While this was a triumph itself in many ways, it was not immune to failure. As a young boy, he had his self-confidence to rely on and life to teach the rest through setbacks. Dairon reminisces, “I have come to see that youth need not be characterized by complete naivety. Especially, things can only get better from where you are if you are ready to learn from mistakes, friends, and opponents. By staying true to yourself, irrespective of whether things go your way or sideways, you can indeed sustain your success.”

There have been instances where victories have sometimes led to collapse. From empires to corporations to individuals, anyone who allowed success to get to their head could not manage the success that found them. On similar lines, treating any form of failure as the end of things hasn’t proved to do any good either. For Dairon, it’s the ability to understand both victory and failure as opportunities to learn and grow that form the cornerstones of lasting success. He says, “Victories are the consequence of good decisions and failure a result of bad ones. The idea is not about winning or losing but about the quality of decisions one chooses to make.”

Dairon Dip’s balanced view of victory and failure has helped him sustain his life and work joyfully indeed.

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