Stay Highly Motivated to Tame Your Fears – Nebo Bandovic

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When it comes to financial freedom so many people want it but don’t know how to get it. For Nebo Bandovic, passive income was his ticket to financial freedom. Through NB Elite Realty, Nebo invests in real estate and offers brokerage services to agents with his “investor-friendly” model.

“What do we mean by ‘investor-friendly brokerage? It means that not only do we invite all agent-investors to join our team, but we also want to encourage, educate, and inspire agents to invest their money into real estate. “Anyone can do it with proper training and mentorship!” says Nebo Bandovic. By investing in real estate, Nebo has created passive income for himself. He created his 100% commission brokerage to give agents the same opportunity.

As an immigrant from Yugoslavia, Nebo came to the U.S. with nothing. Without even speaking English, he took his drive and determination to create a life for himself. Allowing nothing to hold him back, Nebo valued hard work over fear, eliminating any stumbling blocks that tried to slow him down. “There is always competition, fear of not succeeding, and finances. I did not have any of those fears. I am just highly motivated,” says Nebo.

“I don’t know if there is anyone who has a story like mine. Coming in with no English, to play pro soccer and I was one of the best soccer players…Then a successful real estate investor and broker,” says Nebo Bandovic. As a young adult, Nebo enjoyed more than a decade as a successful pro soccer player. He played for the St. Louis Steamers, Houston Hotshots, and even earned MVP status at the 1996 Portland All-Star game. “I am an immigrant and didn’t go to American schools like other people, yet I made it in real estate,” says Nebo.

Financial freedom is attainable for anyone willing to work for it. When Nebo came to the US, he knew he could do whatever it took to create the life he was looking for. With over 25 years of experience, he believes he can put his agents on their path to freedom, too.


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