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Stand Out in Digital Age by Making the Most of Social Media, Says Dr. Mani Kukreja

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As individuals and businesses explore a range of platforms to gain traction and mileage for their brand, Dr. Mani Kukreja reiterates how social media continues to play a central role in every game plan. 

With firsthand experience promoting her integrative health and wellness platform on the digital stage, Dr. Mani Kukreja reveals the vital business benefits of making social media work for your brand.

Connecting With an Audience to Convert Them into Your Clientele

Traditionally, businesses have never truly connected with their clientele until they had walked into their business premises. On social media, it is quite the opposite. 

Dr. Mani loves how social media offers businesses the opportunity to connect with a global audience. Of course, how you catch their attention and convert them into your clients is up to your skills and expertise. 

Keeping the Connect Constant and Real

Social media offers businesses the unique opportunity to appear genuine and vulnerable. Gone are the days when brands hid in their corporate buildings, only visiting the masses when it was time for advertising, marketing, and sales. 

Today, every brand has the opportunity to build a real connection with potential and existing clientele. Be it through their employees or brand ambassadors, businesses can now create real relationships on social media and do more than selling. 

Exploring the Connect to Spread Knowledge and Add Value

Dr. Mani’s belief in the power of knowledge has helped her create transformative programs to reach the root cause of diseases. Today, she shares this knowledge through several digital platforms and, of course, social media. 

Revealing how other businesses can also do the same, Dr. Mani points out that adding value and spreading knowledge helps you find recognition even in a crowd. One should aim to be an influencer that believes in improving lives, and not just a business interested solely in selling its products and services. 

Putting to work every digital tool to promote integrative wellness, Dr. Mani Kukreja knows well that in today’s digital age, one can never make the mistake of undermining the role of social media. 

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