SMEC @Infopark – The journey since 2001

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The journey so far!

SMEC, one of India’s first worldwide EPC contractor companies, is globally recognized for its distinctive services, specifically in Marine & Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, Electrical, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, and Mechanical sectors started its journey in 2001.

It has a team of 1000+ qualified and experienced engineering professionals from different engineering streams, working in a cognitive framework, involving extensive research into the technologies involved in the control engineering arena. The team plays a key role in the development of cutting-edge technologies and products that the company applies in its marine and industrial projects and is the driving force that keeps the company ahead of its competitors in terms of quality, reliability, and efficiency and helps it maintain the status as the leader in the automation sector in Asia.

Global presence, Unique solutions, and time-bound services

It has over 2 decades of service history. It serves various organizations of different verticals such as Oil and Gas, Marine, Defense, and Industries and is fortunate to be recognized for its unique solutions and time-bound services. 

Enhancing its capabilities and overcoming all boundaries to become a one-stop solution provider to meet all client requirements, it has become successful in creating a global presence!

Currently, the company has its base for major operations in Marine and industrial automation, predominantly in India, Sri Lanka, UAE, Singapore.

Our clients

Over these years, we have been able to serve diverse clients with higher quality services, and the firm’s efforts are fetching them more and more satisfied clients, which include:


Shipping Corporation of India (SCI)


Indian Navy

Rolls Royce


Aditya Birla

International Airports



The Driving forces

The key people who have had the vision and took immense effort in developing and guiding the team of professionals over the years, which helped propel the company to the present level, are our directors – Mr. Milton Kurupath, Mr. Saiju Mohamed Mr. Roopesh Chandran. They have always been the driving force behind the success of the company.

The new venture in 2022

Twenty years since its journey, In the year 2022, SMEC is starting a new voyage towards success, its latest venture at Infopark, Kochi – SMEC Technologies focusing more on IT integrated advanced technologies as a lot of our clients across the globe has been approaching us with the services which are as follows:

1. Vessel Performance

2. Embedded software development

3. Artificial Intelligence

4. Data Science

5. IOT development

6. PLC programming

7. Firmware development

8. Manufacturing services

9. SMEC smart system

10. Marine automation

11. Industrial Automation

12. DCS implementation

13. SCADA and HMI development

14. MEP & BIM services

15. Web and mobile apps

16. Cloud application development

17. Financial application development

18. Retail E-commerce

This new pursuit has been conceived, remembering the benefits of the future innovation that would be a prerequisite for any organization in the forthcoming time. Due to the emerging of IT, integrated new technologies can help further develop their organizations in a huge margin by giving solutions for all the challenges that need to be confronted.

Training & Development

In this era of Industry 4.0, where automation and specialized skill sets dominate the picture, the company was quick enough to sense the importance of training on technical skills for their employees. The company knew that outdated skills could affect the quality of the work, and SMEC was never ready to take a chance on client satisfaction. As a solution to it, the company also spread out a new division in early 2000. SMEClabs, an exclusive Research, Development, and Training Wing of SMEC Automation Pvt. Ltd also focuses on skilling young aspiring engineers, creating a pool of qualified engineers for the Industry.


Training Division:


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