SK Media launches its business-related website “Tycoon World”

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SK Media has launched its news website in English language. ‘SK Media’ has recently launched its digital platform to provide information about Business, Company, Entertainment and Tech News.

This website is said to have been started with an aim to incorporate new things towards innovative journalism in the digital sector, with a focus on issues that are important to businesses around the world.

Sanjeev Kumar, Editor-in-Chief, Tycoon World, said, “Tycoon World is fast bridging the gap of unbiased and independent news providers in the business sector. We are constantly growing and not only inform business news around the world but connect and interact with them through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Koo.

He said that with the launch of this website in digital, we are hopeful that its young and best team will set a new trend in digital journalism and innovation. From business to sports and movies, this website will have something for everyone.

Right now it is being operated from Bengaluru itself, soon with the expansion of the team, the program will be started in Delhi NCR also.

India is the country with the most urbanized states, with the highest internet penetration. This means that more and more people are consuming news on the Internet on their phones. The purpose of our website is to provide an interface to business audiences in India and abroad that can inform and entertain them.” ‘Tycoon World’ is available on Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn and Koo.


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