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LAS VEGAS, NV / 2021 / Sports have been a source of entertainment for individuals around the world for over 3000 years. Betting on sports itself has been around for about 2000 years, dating all the way back to the Olympics in Ancient Greece. As of late, sports betting is becoming more and more popular as it becomes fully legalized. Sports betting can turn pennies into thousands  if you take the time to do adequate research or let a proven group of sports analysts like Silicon Valley Bets aid in that.

When it comes to sports betting, many novice betters fall victim to betting with their emotions. They bet based on their favorite teams or the heavy favorites but not the numbers, causing them to lose more often than not. More experienced sports bettors on the other hand take the time to crunch numbers and analyze matchups fully, leading to greater success. 

Silicon Valley Bets is a subscription-based service that does all the analytics and number crunching for you, finding the best lines and bets that’ll make you money. They strive to squash the negative stigma surrounding “gambling,” and seek to have others begin to view it as a viable long-term investment option.

Silicon Valley Bets partners with big time sports analysts and data scientists to develop their preliminary machine learning algorithm that could accurately predict sporting outcomes at a

81% success rate within their first year. Using that model, they were able to 10x their clients bankroll within just one year.

Silicon Valley constantly tweaks and upgrades their AI algorithm for all major US and international sports. 

When they first started, making as much money as possible was the motivation behind their efforts. In the interview Silicon Valley bets reported that they love helping others make money. Now they want to pay their fortunes forward and are constantly updating the algorithm to make their clients money. 

Currently, Silicon Valley Bets has over 7,500 active clients from over 25 different countries on Instagram profiting together. Last year alone they generated their members a 1400% return on investment. The company offers three membership subscription types; weekly, monthly and three monthly. Where they send out daily tips, provide 24/7 bankroll management and customer support. They instruct members what bets to make and their confidence levels on each bet. Silicon Valley Bets prides themselves in providing their clients with one of the most lucrative long-term investment options available to date.

It is blatantly apparent that Silicon Valley Bets is one of the true punters in this industry, and they have solidified their position as one of the premier sports investment companies for years to come. 

They want to invite anyone who is looking to better their financial future, and is open to new investments, to reach out to us. You don’t need to know anything about sports or sports betting. We onboard hundreds of clients who have never placed a sports wager in their life, and they walk them through the process until they’re fully comfortable to place them on their own. This investment opportunity isn’t limited to sports fanatics only, but rather anyone who is looking to add the number one long term additional stream of income to their investment portfolio.

For more information on Silicon Valley Bets and how to join check out their Instagram and Website below:

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