Shrruti Shhah new age entrepreneur.“the whole secret of success is to find out what is one’s destiny to do. and then DO IT.”

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Meet Shrruti Snehal Shhah from Pune. The girl who owns a gym is a successful MLM Leader and working on so many startups. The girl is on a mission to empower women, the girl with a vision to help people who want to achieve their dreams in life.

Shrruti Shah is very well known for her social work and charity.

Shrruti has a dream of building a home for roadside children.

Shruti says all this could not happen if my mom had not supported me. Not only support, but she also worked with me for my dreams. My mom (Sneyhal Shhah) is My Business partner, My Guru, My Best Friend, Best Mom in the world. I feel so blessed to have her in my life. Without her support and partnership, I would never have been able to do this all things.

Shruti says she had a journey with so many ups and downs.

After studying, I started a job. I faced many challenges in that job. After that, I realised that I was not made for a job. I was very passionate about the gym. Then I became a gym trainer and personal trainer and started my first startup, my own gym, “shape Up Fitness Center.” After that startup, I understood the power of business—the power of entrepreneurship. After a short time, I also joined my family business. I learned a lot of business knowledge from there.

After some time, I came to know about Direct Selling Industry.

I got interested in it and started learning more about it.

I liked only one thing in direct selling. You can fulfill your dreams here, but at the same time, you can also fulfill many people’s dreams.

Then I took the decision to work in the direct selling industry. And I told my mom about this industry. My mom was also very impressed with this industry. And that’s the point when starts a mother-daughter duo’s entrepreneurship.

I have been working in the direct selling industry for the last three years. I achieved a lot out of it. I own a Bike and Car. I have done so many Foreign tours. And not just me, a lot of people in my team completed their dreams. I achieved the second-highest level in the company.

I consider myself blessed that I got this business.

My goal is to fulfill the dreams of people who want something in their life. There are so many plans to achieve in 2022. If someone wants to join me in my mission, feel free to ask.

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