Shahjad Khan: Author of two books, talks about his journey as an author and his passion for writing.

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“Nothing stops you if you are passionate enough – says Shahjad.”

Shahjad Khan is an Indian Author who rose to fame with his first book, “A compendium of Depression and Anxiety”, in a non-fiction category that was highly acclaimed and won overwhelming responses on various platforms as an author. His next masterpiece, “Love is forever: if it’s true”, is a novel in the fiction genre that has gained him a unique bond with his audience. His passion for writing drove him to progress which has become a success. He is a dreamer, and his great dream began when he began writing a romantic story, “Love is forever: if it’s true”, long before the release of his first book. 

In latest conversation with Author Shahjad Khan:

Shahjad was always fond of writing and reading. Being a literature student, he always believed that writing is a medium that lets you express yourself and communicate with your audience. It’s always an exciting feeling when your work get’s recognized amongst a wider audience. This incredible feeling at times makes one pinch to believe that it is accurate.

When asked about his motivation behind writing two books on entirely two different genres, he stated, “My first book “, A compendium of Depression and Anxiety”, was my research paper, and I never thought that my research paper would be a published book. I was already working on my second romantic novel, “Love is forever: if it’s true”, for a very long time, but my friends and teachers liked my research paper and asked me to get it published. I submitted it, and my publisher accepted my research paper and published it internationally”. Indeed it’s the best experience ever for every writer!

Hard work is always worth it, and subsequently, a kind and humble support from the close ones are the top cherries.

Excerpt – “A Compendium of depression and anxiety”.

Nowadays, the word depression has taken a firm root in our day to day vocabulary, sometimes used casually while other times underestimated mockingly. We can see the reasons for the lack of awareness, but is it enough to know that and not back it up with appropriate actions? What is the first step? One has to know one’s enemy before dealing with it.

The Compendium of Depression and Anxiety acts as an antidote to all factoids presented on various blogs. It is relieving to know that all information, from cause to cure, can be gained through this easy to read manual guide.

Excerpt – “Love is Forever If it’s true.”

It started when the protagonist Trisha was hopeless, lonely, and unhappy with life’s ways of treating her. She met her soul mate during the journey, but as cosmos and destiny played an unpredictable role in their lives, how both of them encountered each other on the trip, how they evolved each other and how they penetrated each other’s Aura seeking out space in their darker corners illuminating each other’s lives. This is all about that all. This book somewhere made the readers happier and hopeful in a problematic situation.

Shahjad is a native of Ajmer City in Rajasthan and an alumnus of St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur, with a specialization and post-graduation degree in English Literature. Being inclined to reading and writing since childhood, he chose to study English literature. He realized that paper would be his forever, so he looks forward to gaining a newer height in the literary world, especially in writing, which he is passionate about. Additionally, he is pursuing his Bachelor of Education from Rajasthan University.

Apart from being a writer, he is an Instagram influencer too. Being a literature student, he chose Books as his niche and began promoting books from Indian and International Authors. Now he is followed by many international authors, and in two years since his journey as an influencer, the number of followers has shown immense growth. Currently, he is working on his website to reach a wider audience and build on this momentum.

His words of Wisdom to every writer “One needs to be focused and determined to achieve a remarkable position as a writer and an author along with an apprehension of the subgenre of non-fiction or fiction they are supposed to write. Above all, one must be consistent enough.” 

Indeed, the pursuit of passion allows one a higher degree of potential, increased motivation and a higher capacity for further innovation and creativity.

Shahjad is available on all social media platforms. You can reach out to him and shower your love and blessings. 

Instagram – @shahjadkhan

Facebook – Shahjadkhan8

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