Serik Baimoldayev of Seka Moving: The Hard Work Behind the Most Forward-Looking NY Moving Company

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As a consumer, how often do you happen to find a company that accommodates your every need and ends up exceeding your expectations? Those are rare, and for a good reason – not every entrepreneur is ready to go out of their way to provide an exceptional experience to customers.

Luckily for those looking to move house in the NYC area, Serik Baimoldayev is exactly this type of entrepreneur. His moving company Seka Moving has gained recognition as one of the most customer-oriented businesses in New York. Serik’s attention to detail, enthusiasm, and hard-earned business savvy are what brought Baimoldayev to the top of the American moving industry.

Serik Baimoldayev is the definition of a self-made man. In fact, at different points in his life, Serik embarked on so many entrepreneurial ventures that he sometimes loses count of those.

I have always gravitated toward self-employment as a way to pay the bills and act on my potential and ambitions at the same time. And yes, I had to start small – very small. Yet, every step, experience, and challenge were worth the skills I mastered thanks to them.”

Indeed, Sarik has seen it all. When he first came to New York, he drove a cab, Uber, and even a Central Park rickshaw to show NY tourists around. He then went through a variety of blue-collar jobs before realizing he might want to score an office position. It would promise more stability, higher earnings, and a socially approved 9-5 lifestyle. And that’s exactly when Serik came to a game-changing realization that would pave the way for his future success in business:

I quickly figured out that a good white-collar job required a college degree – something I didn’t have and, combined with the fact that I was an immigrant, it put me at a great disadvantage. But there was a silver lining. I did my math and realized that 4 years of college would cost me roughly as much as I would be making at the office (if not more) and in both cases, I’d actually be losing valuable time I could have used to pursue my real passion – business. I had to act on that realization quickly.

Serik made a list of business ideas he could bring to life with a limited starting capital of just $8,000. He focused on three niches he wanted to try himself in: car dealership, moving business, and restaurant business.

His first venture was a car dealership business that was a rollercoaster ride of trial and error. “I was barely breaking even and couldn’t see the real long-term potential in the niche. I didn’t feel like I belonged in the car dealership market and it robbed me of my motivation. It was time to move on.

That’s when Serik Baimoldayev made one of his best life decisions (which he would realize quite a while later). In 2017, Serik started a moving and storage company Seka Moving. He paid special attention to looking at the competitors and what they were doing in the niche. He also spent a lot of time learning about major customer pain points and building his business model around addressing those. “This time, I was determined to give it all I’ve got not just until the company was up and running smoothly. I wanted to make a statement and stand out from the crowd thanks to the exceptional quality of service.

Easier said than done – growing Seka Moving was not a smooth ride, admits Serik. He recalls not having time to go back home after a hard workday and spending several nights in a row sleeping in the office. He familiarized himself with every single aspect of the business step by step – from learning to drive a box truck to mastering the intricacies of CEO duties.

It’s now safe to say that Serik has delivered on his intention. From an entrepreneur who knew nothing about the moving industry, Baimoldayev went on to become the head of a renowned moving company that combines time-tested approaches with innovative solutions. Today, Seka Moving employs nearly 200 professionals dedicated to making the moving process – often a stressful event full of unpredictable challenges – easy and comfortable for every client.

Serik prides himself in making Seka Moving a brand people trust and come back to. Customers describe Seka Moving as a service marked by efficiency, meticulousness, quality, and great customer care. On top of that, numerous customer testimonials reveal that all Seka employees are excellent at customer communication – a skill that’s often overlooked when it comes to moving crews.

The highest standards apply to all the services offered by the company. It organizes major cross-country moving, office moving, residential moving, storage, and a lot more. Serik makes sure his employees know how to handle clients’ property with exceptional care – from a nightstand lamp to an antique wardrobe or century-old painting. This degree of professionalism and genuine care for people and their possessions are the pillars of Seka Moving’s unstained reputation.

Serik underlines that his company strives to remain affordable and suitable for all kinds of customers:

We help all sorts of people move: students, families, businesspeople – you name it. And we’re lucky to work with celebrities and prominent US citizens, too. A few years ago, we were hired by Rob O’Neill – a former United States Navy SEAL and an outstanding figure in the American fight against terrorism,” recalls Serik.

When asked about the vision of the future for Seka Moving, Baimoldayev prioritizes nationwide expansion and bringing more value both to his clients and to the American economy. He is focused on employing more people, raising the standard of service, and inspiring other entrepreneurs to be bold and start their businesses.

On top of that, Serik is determined to keep giving back to the community by taking part in charity initiatives and donating to the causes he and his company believe in. “I am convinced that as a business owner, it is my duty to help my community grow and thrive in any way I can. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we actively donated face masks and other means of protection to the NY frontline workers.

These acts of social responsibility make Seka Moving more than a company – it is an integral part of Ney York’s business landscape. And Serik Baimoldayev is sure to continue to improving and perfecting it with his entrepreneurial solutions.


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