Second consecutive 1% club for the young big bull, Debayan.

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With Stock prices going up, the run for Debayan, a financial market expert has been massive too.

Debayan has gained more than crore in asset management allocation class as he keeps playing 100% success accuracy and returns to his investors through his scientific analysis.

As per Bloomberg, to be the richest 1% in the world, an Indian national must make 57Lakhs Per year, seems Debayan has made pretty much double of that in less than 6 months time. Some of the trades Debayan took went on to make 500% return on single trades.

As he maintains a low structure Risk Reward : G: P ratio whereas, he thrives to make more value on the margin.

Debayan, thinks the Indian Economy is robust, is strong and can buckle up the inflation and consumer price game with growth oriented approach going forward. He too thinks, The market is gaining positive momentum from a period of consolidation and a new trend with all scientific approach is coming in for a massive upside in the benchmark indices.

Debayan who has made 3 Million INR in just 3 trades in 2022 with 10 Million INR on asset allocation is positive on the Indian benchmark index and is optimistic of an overall change in outlook from 3.2% active investor to 8% by end of FY 2022.

He believes, there will be massive shift of savings to investment as inflation comes in play, price of consumer products would rise significantly higher thus, making it no holds but investing.

This is however the second consecutive year Debayan is on the 1% club in allocation fund of the richest, and he is rapidly heading forward for dimensional investment bringing a multi form hedge- Investment banking company in operation in India for the first time.

With HNI inflows and Billionaire mentors to name, Ratan Tata, Saygin Yalcin, Grant Cardone, Avelo Roy who are all established in multi form areas who speak to Debayan and is wishing for grand change in investment direction through his scientific tools and analysis.

Debayan who is still positive, Optimistic that Nifty will cross 21k for benchmark and a 5 trillion $ can be achieved way earlier than estimated with India’s GDP growth travelling at 8% is still strong for the current financial year.

He still longs for investment flows with massive shift in momentum and this is just the beginning.

With fear index scaling above 80% and Foreign institutions short at 70% makes retail investors and domestic investors the absolute treat to dominate the Indian market with 100% Weightage on selection. This is the time when one must take the time, the opportunity, the money to start investing. Either start now or you’ll be told about the historic ride towards a great milestone of India in the World of Finance and the vision to her 5 trillion dollar economy which will top Japan and make India the 4th in the Financial space currently at 6th.


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