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Sebastian Cruz Couture Emerges As a Luxury Fast Fashion Supernova

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Cesar and Natasha Cruz have just returned from an all-expense-paid trip to the Bahamas. Well-tanned and fit as ever, they are in a jubilant mood. The two were VIP guests at a celebrity wedding reception in the Bahamas. The groom’s outfit that they had created for the occasion made the impact that the Sebastian Cruz Couture (SCC) creations is now so well known for.

“Luxury fashion trends are transitioning faster now than they used to previously,” says Cruz. “Our audience has a larger appetite for novelty these days.” The SCC is super busy creating breathtaking, head-to-toe groom’s outfits for over 10 or 15 luxury weddings daily. The Sebastian Cruz Couture is fast-gaining prominence as a must-have label in the who’s who circuit around the world.

What sets the SCC apart is the bold statement they make by combining and contrasting different textures, fabric, and colors to put together the ensemble. “Sebastian Cruz Couture is a blast of brilliance in the fashion scene today,” says one of the patrons. “I go to the SCC because they understand fashion for our times.”

Cesar and Natasha are passionate about perfection. This whole journey started as a pursuit of perfection. Noticing how pocket squares don’t stand well on jackets, they decided to crochet the hem to create stunning pocket squares that made a statement instead of hanging limp and spoiling the show. Their pocket squares were a hit and quickly became a collectors’ item. The next stop for the team was designing jackets and suits. The Vaniglia Honeycomb jacket, their very first design, went viral. “And the rest is history,” says Cesar.

Sebastian Cruz Couture is truly the pioneer of fashion in the digital space. With no physical stores, the SCC serves all its patrons online. The SCC website is a delightful place to shop online. And browsing the site is rather therapeutic. It is also informative and educative. Not sure of what to wear? Well, the SCC makes it all very easy. With clear instructions on taking measurements, size charts, and fashion tips, one can, without second thoughts, trust the SCC to dress them-up perfectly for any occasion.

One of the strengths of the SSC is its loyal patrons. “We’re in the business of making people look good,” says Cesar. “If people can trust you to make them look good, they, for sure, are going to come back.” And yes, they are indeed coming back rather quickly. And without a doubt, the Sebastian Cruz Couture has arrived on time to dress them up in style.

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