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Sam Rathi ex Oyo making youth “Aattmanirbhar”.

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Many great people sometimes insist that education is not the degrees and or courses that run for a couple of years. Education is the understanding of the world, the study of people, and the tactics to survive in today’s competitive and self-concerned world. Sam Rathi, the founder of Socialgram, shared this belief and has trained over 4000 students to start their own businesses. He firmly believes that entirely relying on colleges and degrees is a waste of valuable time and the dynamic age of youth. Instead, he urges the youth to learn business skills and how to stand out in the industry, thus living the dream of their lives.

Sam Rathi used to work as a growth manager in Oyo, but he became dissatisfied with his 9-to-5 job and monotonous lifestyle. That marked a pivotal point in his life and career. Sam Rathi attempted to embark on a self-discovery journey and questioned himself about what he was doing with his life. Sam Rathi asked himself several times if this was the life he had imagined. When he received a response, he decided to leave his job and become his own boss. That’s when Sam Rathi made a bold decision, one that comes with a fair amount of risk too. 

In the initial days, Sam Rathi tried his hand at a number of offline businesses in the beginning, but none of them met his criteria for success or proved profitable. On the other hand, failure is not the end of the road but rather a stepping stone to success. In the case of Sam Rathi, also, this failure did not disappoint him and did not make him feel low. After a few days, he ventured into the online world after a few days and experienced the sweet taste of success. Sam Rathi became who he is today because of his never-say-die attitude and restlessness in his endeavours. He now runs his own digital media agency and has advised a number of politicians from the BJP and Bollywood celebrities on how to manage their advertisements.

People who understand the importance and significance of something will undoubtedly attempt to play the role of a pioneer. Sam Rathi, who understood the value of entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency in income generation, is now working on teaching many young people how to start a business and succeed in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, fitness and wellness, NGOs, and various SaaS products. Sam Rathi is a strong admirer of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign and supporting it by training many people to become self-reliant. Sam Rathi’s training programs are recommended by many experts and renowned people like Digital Deepak, Gaurav Madaan, and Roshni Dhal. 

We’ve all dreamed of being financially independent and doing work we enjoy at some point in our lives, and that dream is about to come true. Sam Rathi, an MBA graduate from the London School of Commerce, is now sharing his knowledge through this course with the goal of creating 1 lakh entrepreneurs in India by 2025. Sam Rathi has started working on it, and with his agency accelerator program is changing the lives of many people and making them entrepreneurs of the new generation.

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