Sam Humphries and Kush Kriminals: A Creative Collaboration

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Kush Kriminals is launching unique digital collectibles that have taken the cannabis industry by storm. Featuring a collaboration with Sam Humphries, Kush Kriminals is releasing a group of digital characters called The Legendaries which will play an important role in their outward marketing and upcoming comics, e-books, shows, video games, and podcasts.

Establishing their earlier success, Kush Kriminals struck a partnership with Cookies, a renowned cannabis brand. This partnership has allowed the brand to offer exclusive discounts on Cookies and Kush Kriminals merchandise and lifetime discounts on their products. From there, Kush Kriminals has set to expand into every Cookies location across the USA, which is an ambitious goal that could help them reach new audiences and expand their product line. Additionally, the brand intends to turn the Kush Kriminals saga into comic books, movies, podcasts, and more. This expansion would represent an exciting opportunity to broaden the brand beyond its current offerings and reach new audiences through various entertainment mediums.

The most exciting aspect of Kush Kriminals’ expansion is their collaboration with Sam Humphries. Sam is a renowned comic book writer who has worked on some of the biggest franchises in the entertainment industry, including Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Harley Quinn. In addition, Sam has created a set of true one-of-a-kind characters called Legendaries that are exclusively available to Kush Kriminals holders.

The Legendaries will play a pivotal role as Kush Kriminals dives into digital content. Sam’s involvement in creating these characters is a significant endorsement of the project’s potential, and his involvement will undoubtedly help draw in new fans and customers.

The potential of digital collectibles to revolutionize the cannabis industry is fascinating. Kush Kriminals are at the forefront of this trend. Their partnership with Cookies and collaboration with Humphries are a testament to the potential synergies and opportunities for innovation at the intersection of cannabis and Web3. Growers, distributors, and retailers use digital collectibles to promote their brands and engage with customers in new and exciting ways. They are also creating new opportunities for businesses and consumers alike, and the potential for blockchain technology to support the cannabis industry is vast.

Kush Kriminals’ focus on creating a unique and engaging customer experience sets them apart from other NFT projects. Their partnerships and collaborations demonstrate their commitment to creating a lasting and meaningful brand that resonates with cannabis enthusiasts and collectors alike. Kush Kriminals is also working with Magic Eden to mint its tokens on their marketplace, allowing holders to stake their tokens, earn points, and participate in raffles for some fantastic giveaways. This partnership will also help ensure that Kush Kriminals remain accessible to holders who don’t live in a participating legal state.

Overall, Kush Kriminals is a unique and exciting project at the forefront of the intersection of digital collectibles and the cannabis industry. With Sam Humphries’s involvement and the Legendaries’ creation, the project’s future looks bright, and it will be exciting to see how they continue to evolve and grow in the coming years.


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