At 20 years, Saif Rabbani manages hedge funds in crores His journey has truly been inspirational to many other aspiring professionals in the industry.

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How difficult has the pandemic been for you? It has been really coming down on everyone becausr the Panama just does not end and people keep losing their jobs come up one lockdown after another and situations have gone from worse to completely downhill, with the 2nd wave on the surge, we did a whole 360! However, if you are one of them who still have their jobs, you are pretty lucky because not everyone has the privilege of earning at this point of time. Guess who is making the most money right now? Yes, that would be Saif Rabbani!
Saif Rabbani is a 20 year old self made stock market trader who has become a professional by being in practise for just a year. You might be wondering, now who is capable of doing that in a year? People spend a lot of time venturing the stock market fields and fail to take the risks involved in the market, and this young man is here living the best possible life by using his talents. It comes off as very surprising for a lot of people but since he has been the stock trader, he would be able to tell us better about his lifestyle.
“It’s not easy, before everyone makes it look easy, I would beg to differ. Stock market trading is very complicated but the first rule of stock market trading is research, without complete information you are not going to land up anywhere, you will lose money and you will keep losing it constantly till you have nothing else left. Take my word on this one, if you find yourself confused even after an Internet research, take courses, there is no shame in learning mode, it will only help you in the future.” Says Saif Rabbani. Be it managing the head funds in crores or being a financial trainer, he could surprise you by being flawlessly Professional.
Saif Rabbani is currently known for a number of things, but he is mostly involved in portfolio management, technical analysis, financial training and stock trading. Venturing into the financial world with great enthusiasm, he has not just made his own career but has been a youth icon for other youngsters who need to get a hint of motivation from somebody alike to get them started with their own careers.
According to Saif Rabbani, these following factors are important if you want to become successful in stock market trading:
• Risk taking: If there is anything that people recall about stock market is that it is far from reliable, the market crashes a lot and it has been pretty unstable since the beginning of the pandemic. If you are incapable of bearing the risk factor, either make yourself prepared for what is to come or simply learn the techniques and strategies to avoid such risks.

• Committed: The financial market can be motivate even the most inspiring person. That is the kind of power it has, but you need to be more powerful an understanding to remain committed into the technical and financial world.

Obviously common Saif Rabbani is a natural because stock market trading and technical analysts comes naturally to him, he even manages portfolios flawlessly without any difficulties. He has a lot of future opportunities that he is sure to grab, even with his current income he focuses more on the market than on his revenue. That’s the trick, focus on your career and not your profits.


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