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Many successful business entrepreneurs share one trait: the ability to view the broad picture and imagine what their success will look like in the future. Such is the action of successful business entrepreneur Sagar Harish Anandpara, who, by focusing on the future, has been able to propel his company SDA Group of Companies forward. Without a doubt, scaling a business successfully requires a solid understanding of the principles and the perseverance to see it through. Sagar, a visionary entrepreneur, took over his father’s business in 2015 and has increased it tenfold because to his knowledge and unique approach to developing enterprises.

SDA Products, SDA Industries, SDA Sons, as well as trading and exporting, are all part of the SDA Group. All of the businesses are privately held and have been researching feed supplements and additives for the animal and poultry feed industries. Currently, the SDA Group of Enterprises is collaborating with India’s top 50 companies as well as international corporations. SDA is a well-established company that has been delivering high-quality animal feed powder in India and worldwide, as well as various mineral mixes and vitamins, for animal use, since 1990. The products are made in a high-tech production facility with the goal of delivering the highest quality products at the most affordable costs.

SDA Product guarantees consistent high-quality products thanks to a team of professionals, committed chemists, and consultant scientists. From the raw materials stage through final goods, the quality control team consists of professional technical experts who monitor and control laboratory checks for quality and stability.

Claim to Fame – SDA Products

  • Successfully nominated for being part of nominated phase at India 500 Best MSME Awards
  • Has been independently assessed and is compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Needless to say, expanding a business is difficult and requires a lot of effort as well as wearing many hats. From dealing with sales and marketing to needing to connect with consumers on a daily basis, and so much more, Sagar was able to make significant progress in his business, resulting in benefits and profits that made all of his efforts worthwhile. Sagar had put in the time to reap the benefits, just like any other business. Rather than focusing on the short-term results of his labor, he focused on the long-term value he had created and how he could assist his clients. That was his strategy for getting the job done on time and on budget.

The SDA group of enterprises has maintained excellent performance and growth, outperformed the market, and is always evolving and the journey began with restructuring their staff and providing them with the necessary skills and resources to deal with workplace difficulties with more ease, expertise, and speed. The SDA group of enterprises has achieved greatness by a strategic vision and emphasis on the correct sectors, with incremental innovations and success. From the outside, it appeared to be growing at a breakneck pace, but in any case, the SDA group of firms’ success is the consequence of its long-term incremental growth plan. These are efficiency, effectiveness and team impact that helped SDA group of companies produce better results and soar greater heights.

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