Royston G King: One Of The World’s Most Accomplished Self-Made Legendary Entrepreneur by Age 21, 2021, & A Year Later, Creating Heaven On Earth

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Royston G King is considered as one of the world’s most highly in-demand life & business grandmaster strategist, and one of the world’s most accomplished, legendary, influential & greatest-of-all-time icons from his age/origins/time. He is the world’s most accomplished self-made entrepreneur by age 21, year 2021, & even a year later from Malaysian Chinese origins in his category, with groundbreaking unparalleled accomplishments. He is a multiple record breaker/holder & world’s first for many achievements unprecedented from his age/origins/time.

Now based in the US & globally for the past 5 years, Royston has achieved the following shared below by the age of 21, 2021 & a year later, so all by the age of 21-23 right after graduation. No one in this world from his age, origins, & time has the unique level of accomplishments, experiences, track record, & connections like Royston. Additionally, no one in this world from his age, origins, & time has the unique level of philanthropy like Royston.

Royston is a self-made Forbes 30 Under 30 world-renowned multi-millionaire & multiple award-winning 8-figure serial entrepreneur, multiple best-selling author, celebrity socialite media personality, most coveted sought after world leading advisor partner, highly requested TEDx & keynote speaker, world’s preeminent philanthropist, and supreme sovereign of wealth & fame creation

Additionally, Royston is a partner & advisor to dozens of A-list Hollywood celebrities, billionaires, royal family brands, 8 & 9 figure and billion-dollar brands, public-listed companies, New York Times best-selling authors, Hollywood (award-winning actor, director, writer and producer) social media verified (#1 rated Asian & best North American awarded actors, NBA and NFL pro athlete champions, hall of fame musicians, entrepreneurs, personal brand influencers, etc.), government, Fortune500, Forbes 1000, Inc5000, 100+ year old businesses, book of record holding companies with 100+ store locations, 100+ companies, 100+ not-for-profit organizations, & the world’s biggest brands

He is also an investor & board of advisor/advisory board member to 100+ companies across hundreds of all types of industries & 6 continents. All with enterprise value surpassing USD $1+ billion. Alongside other world’s top investors, adviors, entrepreneurs, & celebrity public figures

And with an impressive 12+ million direct personal social media followers, 1+ million members, & 1+ billion views, Royston was also endorsed by the world’s top biggest celebrities & dozens others more influencers/celebrities.

Furthermore he has collaborated with dozens of A-list Hollywood celebrities, Shark Tank brands, Y-combinator companies, billion-dollar public-listed companies, & the world’s largest brands.

Being verified on Google & social media, Royston is also one of the most in-demand mentor, coach, judge, & director at dozens of the world’s #1 incubators, accelerators, & startup communities to thousands of all types of companies.

As well as being a top expert council/board member & contributor to dozens of the world’s biggest news media publications, he was featured & interviewed by thousands of the world’s major biggest news media publications & world’s experts, alongside the biggest most influential public figures in the world (including TV, radio, movies, newspaper, music songs, New York Times Square billboard, magazine front cover, in print, commercials with millions of views, etc.).

Moreover, Royston is an honorary recipient of dozens of awards/accolades from the world’s biggest known companies, alongside the biggest most influential public figures in the world (including Top 10s, Top 20s, 30 Under 30, 40 Under 40, Top 50s, Top 100s, top investor, top entrepreneur, serial entrepreneur of the year, most influential, awards for making over USD $1M+ & over 1M+ Youtube subscribers, etc.).

Royston has impressively rubbed shoulders/taken photos with dozens & most elite super connector to most the world’s biggest A-list celebrities, billionaires, royal families, billion-dollar CEOs, Hollywood, media moguls, billion-dollar fund managers, world’s youngest millionaires, world’s best marketers, government, social media verified public figures (supermodels, NFL NBA MMA pro athletes, best-selling authors, influencers, musicians, artists, singers, actors) etc.

He is also a partner to dozens of multi-million-dollar investment funds and raised multi-millions of dollars. Backed by investor network of USD $100+ million-$1+ billion asset under management by ultra-high-net-worth individuals & their portfolio of companies. Also, deal flow superconnector for world’s top $100M-$1B+ VCs

And a founder, owner, partner, board member/director, acquirer, & seller to dozens of multiple multi-million-dollar companies backed by the most elite: member of the royal family & dozens of partners/directors of the world’s biggest billion-dollar companies With hundreds of staffs, dozens of offices globally, & multiple national book of record holder.

In addition as a c-suite executive & operating partner to multiple dozens of multi-million-dollar companies and the world’s largest billion dollar household brands backed by dozens of the world’s biggest A-list celebrities. Founder of Good Purpose Foundation. President, donor, director, executive committee, trustee, board member, chair, advisor, ambassador, consultant, & mentor to over 100+ of the world’s largest not-for-profit charity organizations. Including being the board of advisor to not-for-profits backed by A-list celebrities and are the official partner of the world’s #1 largest companies

And lastly he sold & exited Master Scaling (group of industry & nation-leading digital agencies in PR, recruiting, talent management, lead generation & direct-to-consumer ecommerce) as sole founder 100% bootstrapped from $10k loan from brother-in-law to multi-millions of dollars.


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