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Rohan Saha is a guy from Cuttack, Odisha. He is currently pursuing his BTech from ITER, SOA. Writing for him does not only mean penning down the play of words but penning down emotions in each word so that people would connect and relate with it.

He has already been a co-author in more than 80+ anthologies. He has compiled eight anthologies, and more is yet to come. He has already published his own book named “PAGES LEFT UNTURNED.”

He has been a great inspiration to youth and has been a stoppable button on those who say that the youth can’t do anything or say that the youth can’t achieve what they think.

He has been awarded with a number of top-listed awards as mentioned:-

• Emerging Writer Award 2021

• The Best Writer of Odisha Award 2021

• The Excellence Award 2021

• Bharatiya Youth Face of India Award 2021

• Utkalika Awards 2021

• Featured as Top 12 Indian Writers 2021

• TBO Top 50 Influential Leader Award 2021

• Spectrum Awards 2021

• Vajra World Record Holder 2021

• Magic Book of Records holder 2021

• India Book of Records holder 2021

• National Book of Records 2022

• Hall of Frame Awards 2021

He has been featured in the TOP 12 WRITERS OF INDIA 2021 by top sites like FOX INTERVIEWER and many more. Google has recognised him as the upcoming major writer. He has bound up hands with publication and is helping emerging writers to build them as established authors.

He is all set now to start up his journey s an ENTREPRENEUR and add an exciting chapter in his book of life. He is starting up his own E-commerce brand named FRUNKY.

Frunky is a MADE IN INDIA HUB where products of a wide variety can just be found in a single click. The place where you can get products designed at your vision. Yes, you heard it right! At your own vision at design, you want to get it, wear it, gift it, or print it everything at just a single touch of your finger.

We deal at a price where maybe water would be unaffordable when raised to market—a shop for everything at just a few penny.

Stop waiting and staring and start grabbing out. We are dealing both in Retails and Wholesale.

We again say you are just away from a SINGLE-CLICK.



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