Robby Clark Reveals 4 Small Habits All Leaders Should Develop

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Robby Clark is the CEO of SID Developments, a real estate company dedicated to creating value in cities across Ontario. In addition to his real estate company, Robby also founded eFresh Meals, a meal prep company, Lawn Care Alert, a landscaping company & several others.

Starting one successful business is challenging, let alone many. However, Robby managed to recognize and develop certain habits that helped him scale his businesses.

Commit to Listening

“Listening is a superpower,” Robby says. “I can’t stress how important it is to develop your active listening abilities, especially when you have to lead a team of individuals.”

Every business owner should be aware that it is part of their job to listen and learn how their team members communicate. It is up to the business owner to adapt their communication style to make sure it matches the needs of their team. “Everybody on your team is unique, and so are their communication preferences. You need to learn what makes every team member of yours tick,” Robby advises.

Commit to Communication

In addition to developing one’s listening skills, Robby Clark believes that it is vital to work on communication skills.

“Communicate your goals well to your executive team. If you don’t have an executive team, communicate it to your management. You need to be able to communicate your goals efficiently or nothing happens” Robby says.

Commit to Learning

Every entrepreneur should take time to deepen their expertise, no matter how long they are in the industry. As Robby points out, his most significant challenges on his path to success were lack of education and knowledge. “Everything I’ve ever achieved could be done now in a fraction the time it took, due to my knowledge and experience I’ve gained through books and, of course, trial and error,” Robby explains.

As Robby points out, entrepreneurs don’t have to obtain a master’s degree or Ph.D. to be considered knowledgeable, Robby did not graduate highschool. It is much more important to read & absorb as much practical information As you can. That way, you will be able to identify gaps in markets and seize new opportunities to provide value.

Commit to Yourself

“It is impossible to lead a team of people and grow a business if you don’t care for yourself,” Robby says. “You need to make time for yourself. Read everyday, daydream you ideas into existence & try to pay attention to your physical and mental health.”

Robby also recommends all entrepreneurs set aside time every week for hobbies and enjoyable activities. “Doing things you love is an excellent way to take a break from the pressure of being a business owner,” he says. In addition to running his companies, Robby plans to develop a platform where he can provide financial education for the youth. Robby currently shares excellent tips and entrepreneurial advice on his Instagram. Please remember that Robby Clark is not a financial advisor and invest at your own risk.


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