Ricky Villanueva Shares 5 Tips to Build a Successful Network Marketing Business

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This past year has been cumbersome for all, but especially so for entrepreneurs in the marketing industry. Whether it is creating a business from the ground up or revamping it to keep up with the ever-changing times, network marketing expert Ricky V knows it better than most. Here, he shares his top 5 tips to ensure success when it comes to starting a network marketing business.

1. Build a robust team

“This is fundamental and absolutely indispensable.” says Ricky V. “Each member contributes immensely. Their efforts should never go unrecognised or unappreciated.” Network marketing is a niche that requires problem-solving, brainstorming, and high energy input from the entire team. A strong team consists of individuals who can help with lead generation and closing deals.

2. Find a purpose you resonate with

A business created solely for the purpose of making money never succeeds in the long run. According to Ricky V, “Your career should give you a sense of satisfaction and help improve the quality and lifestyle for others.” He says his journey has been filled with learning, modifying, and putting in the time and efforts required.

3. Welcome change with open arms

With the recent pandemic, it has become abundantly clear that only those businesses that are quick to adapt to changing lifestyles survive in this cut-throat competition. With years of expertise and collaboration with partners in his pocket, Ricky V is confident that the business mindset is most precious in dealing with harsh and sudden changes in the present, as well as the future.

4. Evaluate market conditions regularly

Numerous studies found that the number one reason for most businesses failing is a lack of market need. Ricky V agrees, “Regular market surveys and self-analysis help understand external conditions and mold internal systems and processes accordingly.” A business that succeeds knows who it’s competing against and has developed strategies accordingly.

5. Cultivate a powerful skillset

There are some qualities almost 100% of the successful entrepreneurs possess without fail. A combination of persuasion, resilience, and innovative thinking is powerful when tackling the various challenges sure to pop up when building a business from scratch. “Build a rapport with clients. Success doesn’t happen overnight, but if done right, there is limitless potential for growth and income,” he concludes.


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