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Rickey Singh: My journey

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My journey started when I got married in the year 2011. Like every other man, I was thinking about how to earn and take care of my family. I was unaware of the fact how my life would turn upside down after this job. At that time, I was a BSC graduate and did not have a good hand in English. 

One of my friends suggested me to apply in Genpact, which is a very good company. I took English classes just to give my 100% to the job. I got interviewed, and I got the job. The salary I got was only 6K which was not enough for a joint family. 

After dedicatedly working in the company for 4 to 5 years, I got no opportunity for increment or promotion, which led me to decide to quit my job. From here, my journey actually began. I was unemployed with a family that I had to take care of.

At that part of the time, I used to visit dance classes that were owned by one of my close friends. I used to visit that place daily, and I loved the atmosphere of that place. After some more struggle, someone suggested me to open my own gym, and even he also helped me by sponsoring it. 

After struggling for a long period of time, I finally started a gym and started giving the best I could. I still can’t forget those days that were the starting steps for my bright future. I went on field promotions, distributed the pamphlets by myself, and did anything possible that I could have. 

I finally came to the field where I was meant to be. I faced lots and lots of ups and downs during the initial stage, but now we have completed a long journey, and I am glad that destiny chose me and brought me to the field where I belonged.

I have moved forward and have gained the experience of 14 to 15 years in this field. What do we say, “everyone’s destiny is decided by God. Either by hook or by crook, your destiny always finds you.” 

I love working with my clients. I love how they follow me and prove that I am a good trainer for them. My main aim is not to help them lose their weight but also to help them become healthier and provide them an opportunity to build a healthy future for themselves. 


  • In 2009, I participated in the Mr. Jaipur Bodybuilding competition. By my hard work and God’s grace, I won the competition. 
  • I also participated in Mr. Rajasthan. 

“If you want to be fit and healthy, never stop pushing yourself, 

Be harsh, be rude, be angry but never be sorry for the pain.”

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