Reimagining Education at Mount Columbus International School.

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Providing education in the rural area of the Hapur district is a school that is setting new standards. Mount Columbus International School is a place where a kid is not just taught but is taught how to learn. They are helping bridge the huge gap we have in the Indian education system.

How does Mount Columbus International School garner to the holistic growth of students?

 In this new age school, they are focusing on the growth of the students holistically by providing a well-knit, adequately timed, and spaced activities schedule that wends through the term time. They also learn societal norms and the utmost necessity of noble values to live in a civilized society. The school provides all the facilities to students to potentiate their individual creativity, and make them feel confident, satisfied bereft of arrogance.

What’s the most significant achievement of the school so far?

They have formed a team of people whose aim is to not earn money but to make quality education reach the people from rural backgrounds with limited resources. Teachers looking to get recruited here need to be serious about their job since one of the things that makes Mount Columbus unique is the qualitative content of education that’s being imparted to students by highly qualified and experienced teachers. The majority of them have been in the school for the last 6- 7 years or more. With such people, the school thrives and has done some astonishing things. The school has set the benchmark of not even a single student failing 10th and 12th CBSCE students. In fact, last year, the district topper, Aarushi Tyagi, was from our school.

How is the infrastructure of the school?

There is a reason why Mount Columbus was ranked No.1 in the Garhmukteshwar-Simbhaoli region in a Times-News and Education World survey. Its state-of-the-art infrastructure created by the School Management is designed for children to grow. The beautiful academic block, modern laboratories, playfields, courts, amphitheatre, student activity centre, separate hostels for boys and girls, modern dining space, wellness centre, and round-the-clock security and surveillance set-up for your children to feel safe and at home. A lush green landscape spread over 2-3 acres with organic farms, apiary, and dairy not only acts as fodder for the mess but also keeps the environment clean, green, and serene. 

How is the school in regards to academics?

In terms of academic excellence to impart quality education to students, the student-teacher ratio is kept at 15:1”. With such an excellent student-teacher ratio, they have big but specific goals in mind. They said, “We aim to meet the challenge of specific educational goals for students as well as develop resilient, independent, and socially adept young children”. Experiential learning methodologies like individual and group participation in a wide range of co-curricular activities, trips, projects, and exhibitions both individual and joint are there. “The best available technology in the field of education is used to keep par with the international standards,” said the manager, who believes in keeping their students up-to-date. When they say they care about their student’s future, they have an answer that would satisfy any parent, “We facilitate students’ career prospects by providing them with counselling sessions by experts and providing a platform for students aspiring for IIT /JEE and medical”. The fees are minimal compared to posh schools keeping in mind all the amenities they provide. The school also takes into consideration meritorious students coming from less privileged societies every year. It offers free-of-cost education for about 25% of students since its only aim; Principal Dr Rajeev R. Singh said, “We have been providing the best education in limited resources to the children of this area, and we wish to continue to do that”. 

What are the future plans for the school?

Mount Columbus has already outdone itself here, but Dr Rajeev R Singh believes there’s always more room to get better and adds, “We lag behind in promoting the availability of our school. We believe that every single student of our school is our true brand ambassador. Sooner or later, it will spread throughout the year that high-quality education that too at nominal fees is possible only at Mount Columbus International School”. 

They have already started making amends by building hostels to be able to house students from other states as well. Admission is a simple procedure of an entrance exam. For students seeking admission in classes nursery to IX to XI, Mount Columbus International school is the only best option in this region. Choose your child’s best life. Choose Mount Columbus International School.

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