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fresh minds an E- commerce Online Training academy, Rajasekar’s company, commemorates his development from a salaried employee to the founder of an e-commerce online training academy, a business mentor, and a trainer of over 10,000 business owners and entrepreneurs.

Lately, the phrase “successful entrepreneur” has taken on a new meaning, including the magnitude of many personal struggles and characteristics of individuals, as well as their accomplishments and influence on a nation’s commercial line and modern economy. This inclusion has aided in the identification of the methodology and tactics required to manage many responsibilities in a person’s career and life.

Rajasekar had summed up all of the aforementioned qualities to establish an unequaled zone of e-commerce success. His e-commerce training company, fresh minds, and the positive feedback he had received from his classes gave the image of a successful career path. Despite the fact that he had graduated in a completely different field, he had consistently managed to prioritize his goals. His dedication and focus on realizing his dream of starting his own firm, which subsequently became fresh minds, has taken him far, and it is for this reason that his journey may be described as a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. Also, a look at the praise he’s gotten, including feedback from his students who are aspiring business owners, paints a picture of what he’s methodically created and knows how to do.

Rajasekar began his career in a rural village in the Sivagangai District, obtained his MBA in sales and marketing in 2010, and began working for a multinational corporation in Chennai as an IT employee. Even though he was earning a lucrative salary, he was always looking for a fresh opportunity to change his profession from the mundane life of 9-to-5 Job to an e-commerce entrepreneur. As a result of his inclination toward entrepreneurship, he began selling apparel on well-known e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart in 2015, despite the fact that he was new to the company. He had struggled to increase sales because there were no tutorial videos or mentors accessible in India at the time, and he had spent a lot of money to get trained with overseas sellers and discover the Smart Selling Secret.

Rajasekar is an e-commerce specialist who has received training from Amazon. He had trained over ten thousand business owners and entrepreneurs on how to succeed in e-commerce. He has assisted over a hundred businesses in developing their own brand and launching their products in both online and offline markets. He’s on a mission to train one million entrepreneurs in the next five years, so he’s forming a partnership with the district government’s MSME to help small businesses launch their products on the e-commerce platform. He always tells his students to buy from local vendors and promote their products, encouraging them to use the motto “Vocal for local.”

Rajasekar has benefited by starting a business based on his interest in a variety of ways. Despite forging a new path in a new niche, leading with his enthusiasm has allowed him to develop his vision, goal, mindset, and energy, attracting clients and partners that best relate to him. Passion allows him to convincingly explain what he does and why it is necessary, and it has aided him at his most blocked moments.

He concludes by saying “Life as an entrepreneur is undoubtedly challenging, full of highs and lows, and there are moments when various types of questions arise in the mind about the uncertainty and achievement of the objective, which is when passion comes into play. The proper people will want to learn from or collaborate with you if you are passionate about what you do. It’s what makes you intriguing, relatable, and lovable.”

It goes without saying that, entrepreneurship is not just limited to perceiving a business idea. It even involved developing it into reality too. For converting this business idea into a reality there is a lot that goes behind it. One needs to work with sincerity and honesty wherein the most important ingredients for success are hard work and dedication. Rajasekar is a true example of a determined and forward-thinking entrepreneur. He had a clear vision and used unique and novel concepts to pave his way to success. Everything boils down to hard labor in the end, and if an entrepreneur is not emotionally and physically prepared to work tirelessly, even the most unique and remarkable ideas will be wasted.

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