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In life, there are various possessions, tensions, and problems that haunt us every moment, but they all just fly away, vaporising into the sky when we sit behind the wheel, press the accelerator, and rev the car into motion. Driving is a pleasurable way to escape from the monotony of life, and it is the process of enjoying even the most mundane journeys. Driving apparel will make this experience much more beautiful and stylish. Raiz Luxury Clothing and Apparel brought the luxury of leather driving gloves for the first time to our country.

Raiz Luxury Clothing and Apparel was founded by Raunak Patra, after working at major companies like Nykaa, Helium, and Raunak observed that the custom of wearing gloves while driving is not that popular and decided to introduce the luxury of those gloves and their experience to the market. He and his team at Raiz Luxury Clothing and Apparel are heavily inspired by Italian and British fashion and spent a year researching the material and design of the product. Right from the first day, Raiz Luxury Clothing and Apparel has always strived to produce only the best and most innovative products, regardless of how long it takes or how much money it costs.

The main products of Raiz Luxury Clothing and Apparel are their magnificent and lavish leather gloves. They have designed these gloves inspired by the vintage European glove design with meticulously sourced materials, making them the perfect choice for both casual and long rides.  They are smooth, soft, and made from beautiful goat leather that is detailed for suitable breathability. They carry the legacy of the revolutionary café racer style and are an amalgamation of both retro and the latest fashion. They come in iconic colours such as Admiral Blue, Aspen Green, Tuscan Brown and various other colours that grabs eyeballs at the first look. Raiz also designs wallets in a way that saves you from carrying a bulky and heavy wallet. They are also made with genuine leather and come with an advanced layer of protection.

The irreplaceable and trendsetting products that come from Raiz Luxury Clothing and Apparel are the deserved results of their dedication and never-ending approach and inclination towards bringing the latest styles to the customers. The team’s commitment grew with every passing day and their determination to enhance the quality of their products increased exponentially with time. That’s the secret behind their success and the production of new styles and variants of their products. This has led them to own a place and stand high in their customer’s hearts.

Today, Raiz stands at the top of the industry because of their decision to not adapt to the diplomatic model of business. They condemn the idea of providing exaggerated and misleading descriptions and over rating the product to mint money and attract customers. This moral and ethical  approach and their wish to tread on the path of righteousness have led them on the path to success. They do not choose lower quality raw materials to reduce the price of their products. Raiz believes in producing the best from the best and chooses only the top notch leather and dyes and deal with them with the utmost meticulous craftsmanship. Before putting them on sale, they get all the products tested by professional drivers on different terrains and weather conditions and take the necessary actions as per the feedback.

Raiz Luxury Clothing and Apparel would be the perfect and wise choice to switch on fashion mode in your driving style, and they own the privilege of introducing genuine leather gloves into the market, which are the best in all terms.

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