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The advent of social media and the pandemic period have increased the importance and significance of passive income. Stock marketing appears to be the most genuine and possible way to earn money without putting much effort or physical attention into it. As in any story, many fraudulent apps have attempted to mislead users into believing that they are providing a platform for passive income. With the advent of all of these, most people are inclined towards the stock market. The most common myth about the stock market is that it is risky and that it is a trap. But, with correct knowledge and guidance, one can do wonders in stocks. Stockbrokers are those who would guide ordinary people to make the most of the stock market. Atul Maganlal Vitha of Radhhika Financial Advisors is one such stockbroker with a sheer amount of experience helping a lot of people win in the stock markets.

What would you like to briefly say about your journey?

My experience counts up to 24 years. My first day dates back to 1997, and that was when I ventured into the stock market. Back in those days, the amount of awareness about the stock market among people isn’t this great, and most people haven’t tried to put their money at risk. In stock marketing, there is no end to the process of learning. Every day, we used to learn something new and used to witness a new case or an incident that turned the tables up and down. In my entire 24 year career, I worked as a sales trader for many stock brokerage companies.

What are the services you provide?

We offer our services in all types of stockbroking activities, and we advise all retail clients about the stock market and help them in any way we can to turn their investments into profits. We strongly believe that long term investments are the only solution to inflation, and that’s why we would like to help everyone gain more in the stock markets.

What inspired you to start your own broking firm?

The idea of helping retail investors to help them take care of their investments has been with me for a long time. It has been my dream to start my own broking firm for many years, and I am waiting for the right moment to start. In my experience, I have observed that the amount of interest and inclination towards investing in the stock market has gradually grown over the years, and even students and freelancers are now interested in investing. But that is quite a risk for them to invest in such a way, so I thought of becoming a full-time stockbroker, and I strongly believe in myself that I could guide them in an entirely right and profitable way.

What are you currently focusing at?

We are strongly optimistic about NBFCs in financial and midcap IT companies. We have guided the same to our clients and customers to invest whenever there is a significant drop and hold the investment for 2-3 years to achieve good returns. We could undoubtedly accept the fact that the war between Russia and Ukraine gave us the best opportunity to invest.

What are your future plans?

We are looking forward to guiding more and more people and expanding our circle as wide as possible. We are determined to provide genuine services, and we have complete faith in ourselves that we are going to become the first choice for everyone in all types of stockbroking activities.

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