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R2 Radio strives to bring people together globally

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R2 Radio is your one stop destination for entertaining celebrity interviews, underrated and new music, ongoing trends, informative news and many more. However, it is unlike an average entertainment platform. The program initially started in a famous commercial radio station in Tokyo called Interfm897Mhz. The show aimed to educate Japanese people about new things such as music and artists who have made a significant contribution to Japanese culture. The success of the show prompted the makers to broadcast it globally, thus acting as a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world.

The bilingual show aims to break the social and cultural stereotypes and present a true image of Japan, a country which is so much more than its mouth watering cuisines and industrialization. R2 Radio wishes to give a platform to all those individuals who are contributing to make the nation great through their unfaltering efforts. The program has successfully managed to create an all inclusive and diverse platform with the help of Pharcyde TV Network.

The two people who are responsible for making R2 Radio the platform it is today are Risa Kumon and Roro. Both of them are prominent individuals in the world of music. While Kumon is a singer, songwriter and radio personality, Roro is a recording artist and producer. Both of them had another show before starting R2 Radio. However, they both decided to propagate their mission statement and make an impact on a global scale which gave birth to R2 Radio. After broadcasting with the help of Pharcyde TV Network, Risa started gaining the recognition she deserved. She strives to deliver quality content weekly. Till date, she has interviewed many renowned people such as Kirk Franklin, Maxi Priest, and Brian McKnight. Besides this, she produces music in her spare time. You can visit her website ( to keep track of her projects, as well as other exciting details.

Roro, also known to many as Roro Muzic is another central contributor to R2 Radio, was able to land jobs at broadcasting stations due to his impeccable skills and insight on the music and cultural aspect of American music and entertainment. He was an ardent hip hop fan who wished to propagate American culture and R2 Radio became his breakthrough. If you have not yet listened to his music, you are definitely missing out. ‘Doesn’t mean I’m lost’ is his top track which also features Risa Kumon. It has already crossed the one lakh viewership threshold and is definitely worth listening to. Feel free to check him out (

Thus, both the hosts represent diverse cultures and their intention is to show how language and cultural differences are no barriers in learning. They wish to instill the fact that these differences can be used to unite people further. R2 Radio even has its own merchandise set that includes cool graphic T shirts, hats, albums and more goods. To know more, check out their website:


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