R-Cart – The new website that’s making waves in E-commerce Industry

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E-commerce has taken the entire world by a storm and people were amazed to make every purchase irrespective of the item’s scale or importance from the comfort of one’s home has astonished each and everyone and made a huge impact in the era of Internet. E-commerce has been quite an effective solution for those who wish to start businesses and become entrepreneurs but do not possess the capability to run an offline retail store. Setting up an E-commerce business online has proven to be very effective and has paved the way for many aspirants and creative minds. One such innovative mind is owned by Rahul Modanwal, the founder of R-cart, an E-commerce B2C business.

If your ambitions are huge, start slow, start small, build gradually, build smart. These words by Gary Vaynerchuk best describe the journey of Rahul Modanwal, who built his empire in a slow but steady way. He had this idea of becoming an entrepreneur right from his childhood, and never once in his journey, he stopped dreaming or putting effort. He tried every day and grabbed every single opportunity to achieve his dream and become successful. When Rahul was 9 years old, he opened a small general store during his summer vacation to generate income and thereby cover the expenses of his school education. Rahul usually mentions that this first experience has taught him great lessons and infused a great spirit in him. The shop ran successfully, and he went on to make a profit of 9000 rupees in just 45 days. By the time Rahul was 11, he handed over the mobile shop to his father to focus more on his education.

R-cart is a game-changing e-commerce store that sells everything from basic grocery items to much-wanted electronic devices and accessories. The E-commerce site sells items related to mobile phones, fashion, groceries, beauty, and stationery. The website is designed in such a way that the items are classified into categories so that the user can easily navigate and the latest products are listed in the New Arrivals section to please those who wish to possess the products that have recently been released on the market. The hot deals of the day and the products that offer huge discounts are listed under the section Hot Deals. R-cart offers several products such as mobile chargers, earphones, remote helicopters, sunglasses, sanitary pads, and the list never ends.

The website of R-cart provides login access to the customers, which adds up to the data retention and personalization of the website according to the customers’ interests. They display a variety of deals and offers on their home page for customers to browse and take advantage of. Based on the reviews from customers, most of them say that R-cart provides the products at the most affordable prices and they never compromise on the quality of the products. The app version of R-cart is available on the Google Play store and can be installed for free. This application is compatible with any device. R-cart has been making waves in the industry of E-commerce and will surely stand with the giants in the near future.




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