Pune Based Startup is redefining ‘Ease of Doing Business’ for Small Entrepreneurs

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Starting a new business from scratch is a complex task which  doesn’t just end with getting your new  business venture registered. The budding entrepreneurs are required to hire agencies and vendors to look after the initial business functions including branding, PR, market research, HR requirements and so on. 

While, the bigger enterprises have big money and committed teams to carry out these functions smoothly. Generally, it is the new startups and small businesses, who find it extremely difficult to shine through the crowd, irrespective of how good their services or idea is.

To bridge this gap between the new entrepreneurs and agencies, a Pune based Brand it Up is one of the evolving startups that has walked into the picture with a vision to democratise B2B service procurement and revolutionize the way in which new businesses are built. The startup is recognised by the Government of India (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade).

This evolving startup aims to act as a connecting bridge between new entrepreneurs and, innovators who specialize in the services and technology that the business ventures require to kickstart their functions. It basically solves the problem of startups in finding the right service providers that often feel helpless due to their lack of ability to do branding and marketing of their own services. Brand it Up is a technology-driven startup that provides business consultancy services and technology-driven solutions to the new businesses in starting up their operations and marking a robust online presence of their brand on all digital platforms.Moreover, the startup also offers continuous all-round support involving HR needs, marketing, finance, PR,etc to their clients to let them step up the corporate ladder with ease afterwards.  The fastest evolving digital startup has a team of highly skilled and experienced legal advisors, graphic designers, digital marketers, online experts and web developers, who have a substantial amount of past experience in creating and handling campaigns for various brands and businesses. The brand is helping many startups and existing businesses to level up their game and achieve the set business goals.

Yash Mantri founder of Brand it Up, after a deep analysis of the ongoing market trends and post-identification of the prime focus behind the success of every new business, came up with an emerging startup idea to help the budding entrepreneurs make their presence known in the industry without any struggle. Recognizing the gap between the new entrepreneurs and the right set of clients, the startup aims to bridge this gap by letting the businesses grow in the market with a fair support system and required resources at a reasonable cost.

Brand it Up unlike other traditional startup accelerators intends to join hands with the businesses that have a strong sense of market with an already built technology and are looking forward to signing a substantial commercial deal with the new entrepreneurs. With an extensive market research analysis, the team is all set to share their experiences and knowledge with the new brands that are just beginning their operations.

To begin with, the experts at Brand it Up would develop a business plan for every client after thorough research to help them expand their new businesses. Next, a digital consultant will be appointed to the entrepreneurs to help them resolve all their queries and requirements at every stage of the new venture. This evolving startup backs its services by providing an all-around continuous support system and helps the new ventures in getting the much-needed acceleration and growth opportunities in the corporate world. With the age of digitalization, businesses are becoming adaptable to online and remote interactions. Brand it Up with its consultancy and marketing services allows new as well as existing businesses to engage their operations far beyond the geographical limits via their digital marketing services. This digital platform is built on technology that utilizes algorithms and establishes reliability, trust and transparency throughout. Using technology as the key driving agent, Brand it Up helps diverse businesses find the right set of service providers to help the new startup in getting off the ground and take a high flight in the business world. 

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