Professional Day Trader Jason Buyers Shares Advice To Newcomers

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Jason Byers is known for being an active day trader and mentor. He went from being a nobody who hit rock bottom at the young age of 17 to becoming one of the youngest most successful profitable day traders. By the time Jason was 19 he was responsible for multiple 6 figure months in day trading. Now he is starting to be recognized in multiple media outlets for being one of the youngest talented day traders on Tiktok.

Achievements Throughout Entrepreneurial Journey

Jason’s single greatest achievement throughout his entrepreneurial journey is carrying his friends to success. To be able to confidently say that everyone in his inner circle are like-minded successful individuals is a great accomplishment, not everyone is able to say that for themselves. He did this by showing his friends exactly how he did it and sharing his secrets to success. Byers is still currently doing that with his students! He believes it would be incredibly selfish to keep all the hidden secrets to success to himself rather than helping others reach the same level of greatness. If he is completely honest with himself, he is aware of the fact that it is no fun to be the only successful one within your friend group. Jason ends this by expressing “If I’m making $1,000s daily and they are working a job for an hourly wage or salary I’m doing something wrong.”

Advice To Someone Starting Out

If Jason had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, it would be to learn from the mistakes he’s made. He strongly believes in focusing on consistency and to never force an opportunity, but rather let the opportunity come to you. Byers is aware that consistency is the single most important trait all successful traders must possess. He ends this note by adding “Don’t know how to be consistent? Well it sounds to me you need to join the Profit Chasers!” giving you the chance to take a successful route in life. 

Inspiration To Success

Inspiration is what gives us the drive to motivation, allowing people to succeed. Many people find external ways that give them inspiration and hold onto that inorder to get by. Although, unlike many people, nothing inspired Byers. He didn’t search and find some reason to give him motivation to go after something, but rather he naturally was chasing success by his own will. Jason believes it’s in his DNA, as he was born for success, something he knew from an early age. Nothing was ever a matter of “if” for someone like him, it was a matter of “when”, as he knew he would reach his goals one way or another. 

Leisure Time 

Unfortunately, Jason doesn’t currently have a lot of free time, it’s something he is actively working on. He has his sights set on a mission to spread his story, compound his wealth, and make a name for not only himself, but his family as well. With the little freetime he has now, he spends it either with his wife or family. If not them, then it would be with his church or traveling with his friends since he loves every moment of those trips as well. Jason then mentions how they record their trips and you can even see how their trip to Mexico went on their youtube channel @ Profit Chasers! His love for cars and traveling is so immense, they’re the only things he burns his money on, enjoying every moment of it. 


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