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Prodigy Super Kids’ Early Skills Development Subscription Program Helps 0-3 Year Children

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It is often said that parenting can never be taught, but being well informed of your kid’s potential and developmental phases will surely make you enjoy this ride more. Prodigy Super Kids – an initiative by IIM Alumni Arjun Seth, an entrepreneur, early learning researcher, member of Early Childhood Association of India, Marketing Consultant to Infant and Kids’ brands, and a proud Father to Two Kids – is the only platform that turns home-learning sessions into experiential learning, through a scientific approach proven by over 100 years of use in classrooms worldwide.
While in reel-life animated movie Mighty Raju, we were introduced to Mighty Raju (a character close to Arjun’s heart) — a Superhero Kid, highly intelligent, with a strong moral code, demonstrating excellent values for kids to learn and implement.
In real-life, after years of experience and research, and his intention to simplify all confusions and taking out all the guesswork around parenting and early childhood learning, he created a revolutionary kids experiential learning solution – ‘Early Skills Development Prodigy Baby System’, that helps Parents and Caregivers understand the unspoken words of a child, and stimulates their brain development during the first 3 years – considered to be the most crucial period in forming neural connections along with developing foundations of their natural abilities and aiding the love for lifelong learning. The system is an easy-to-follow, learning-based fun and play time that demands No-Pressure and No Screen-time for kids, and only 10-15 minutes of daily activity-time between the Parent and the Kid. This enables Parents and Caregivers to spend less time researching and more time bonding with their kid.

Our Products

Prodigy Super Kids’ subscription-based, comprehensive, and authentic Early Learning Activity Play Kits are curated for kids between 1 month and 30 months. Each Play Kit is a combination of Learning Materials and Knowledge-pedia around the PSK activities, designed to support a kid’s specific stage of brain development. Visit here : to know more and subscribe.

Concept-based Learning for kids aged between 1 Month to 30 Months
Sharing insights about his concept of Prodigy Super Kids, Arjun exclaimed, “A commitment we ask you for now, that will sooner awaken your baby’s inborn genius and help them access their hidden potential before the age of 3. While it empowers the Parents and Caregivers to encompass their kid’s overall development like – intelligence, auditory memory, and various function skills like logical thinking, cognitive, physical, social, emotional, creativity, imagination, pitch perfect music, mathematical, concentration and coordination, early-reading habits, early language, speech & vocabulary expansion, and fine & gross motor skills, and embeds in them the moral code, great values, intelligence, confidence, resilience, perseverance, the importance of order, and empathy towards their peers and everyone they meet or will meet in future, hence making them school and most importantly life-ready.”
PSK is the First ever ‘Conceptual Learning through Play Infant-Toddler Missional Program’ that is guided and commanded by a prodigy caricature – Astro PSK :
Knowledge-pedia for Parents and Caregivers
With each subscription, Parents and Caregivers get access to the level-appropriate video library, expert research, tips, ways to play, and activity ideas that fit into one’s family’s life. Plus, an exclusive membership to PSK Private Parents Community where Parents get the opportunity to connect and learn from experiences of like-minded Parents and reach out to our Parent Support team.
Inspiration and Research behind the PSK System
Arjun explains how it all started, “Prepared for our son Aviraj’s arrival with a shedload of fancy toys, me and my wife Jaanvi thought we were ready to nurture his inherent abilities, but as he turned three months old, toys did not appropriately help develop his babbling, nor gestural or facial expressions. This persuaded us to think – ‘can just the best of fancy toys help our Baby uncover his inherent genius and talents in his early development stages? Then, there was also this serious apprehension of my son Aviraj facing the same shortcomings that I went through, of being an average student throughout my early-learning I and schooling journey due to the lack of opportunities available for early childhood learning back then.
Hence, I started researching the ways to promote our son’s growth and development in his early months. I learned about the detailed concepts established over decades of neuroscience and behavioural research done by the ‘Center on the Developing Child at the Harvard University’ around ‘The Significance of early childhood learning’. Also, after studying about by Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, and principles of Montessori and Waldorf for Early Years Learning, I found that inborn talents of babies, if not nurtured in early childhood, fades away due to a natural process in the brain called Synaptic Pruning.

I started practicing Play-based Early Concept’ Learnings and Sensory activities with my son Aviraj to accelerate his learning and development right from his early Infancy stage, which began to yield results within the first week of indulging. As a result, Aviraj started showing miraculous all-around development. We then had the good fortune of having our second child Avanya, and practiced similar yet more refined early learning activities and exercises with her, and saw tremendous developmental results this time too.
The PSK Mission – “To Make Every New Parent’s Journey to Raise their Kid Fun and Stress-free”
Arjun tells, ”This was after a covid lockdown in 2020, when Parents had started feeling stressful and helpless about ‘Staying-at-Home’ turning to be the new normal, leaving Parents with no/limited interactive solutions to work on their child’s development during the most precious 0 to 3-year Foundation Window and their overall well-being. However, we utilized this post-lockdown phase interviewing and touching the lives of hundreds of would-be parents, parents to infants and toddlers with our offline Prototype Product ‘Foundation of Early Childhood Learning Framework’. We found that most parents missed this window because they go through the pain point of not being introduced to a comprehensive solution that offers Early Learning opportunities for babies.
As a result, many parents registered and purposefully engaged with our Prototype product, persuading us to Launch a comprehensive learning system (Web & Mobile solutions) entitled ‘PSK Early Skills Development Prodigy Baby System’, our Flagship product that offers age-appropriate subscription-based activity play kits for kids, and knowledge-pedia for parents.


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