Power EV’s electric bike looks promising.

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The costs of petrol, diesel, and gas are rising all-time high. It is becoming really hard to maintain a budget while using vehicles that need any kind of fuel. In this era, it is way more economical to use an electric vehicle as it saves a lot of costs fuel wise. Electric vehicles are also environmentally friendly and help in benefiting the environment. 

Hence, an electric vehicle manufacturing company– Power EV, located in Hyderabad, is forthwith its first two-wheeler electric motorcycle. The look reveal is going to be taking place on April 2, 2022. They will soon be taking bookings once the showroom is open in Hyderabad. This manufacturing company will also be providing benefits to their clients like Fast charging technology, battery swapping, and free service for one year. The company is also planning on setting up various fast charging points in different spots in the city so that no one will face any issues. The company is also interested in allowing dealerships to expand their business to one and two-tier cities. 

The bike is well equipped with a 3000w hub motor, regenerative braking system, central braking systems, and lithium phosphate battery for best-in-class performance and durability. The bike will go 0-40 kmph in under 4 seconds and 0-60 kmph in 6 seconds. The top speed of the bike is 85 kmph. They will launch these motorcycles in 120kms and 200kms range variants. 

This electric vehicle has many features that make it far better than the traditional bikes that we use. The bike gives a glamorous and sporty look. Plus, it comes with battery swapping technology and an extended range of over 200kms in eco mode. In addition to all this, the company is going to provide something that one can’t refuse. The company is providing up to five years of extended warranty on the bike and battery.

The founder of electric power vehicles says the motive of electric vehicles is to provide a win-win situation as they are suitable for the environment and are low maintenance. So is this electric vehicle. The founder also shares that the company’s purpose is to reduce the maintenance cost to 1/10 that goes into the maintenance of any traditional bike. They succeeded in doing so. This electric bike comes with minimal maintenance cost plus the amount of money one is going to save, given the price of fuels nowadays is a lot. This bike gives you an all-over benefit – it is environment friendly and also saves a lot of money, so it is also financially a good investment. Hence, providing a win-win situation for all.

The founder of the company is Sameer Reddy. He had completed his masters of business administration in the UK and founded Power Electric Vehicles in 2021. The motive behind establishing the company was to manufacture an eco-friendly electric bike that is way more fun to drive than the traditional bikes with a glamorous and sporty look and provides many additional features that are not present in the conventional motorcycle. This bike put an end to all the things that are on the market about any electric vehicle. At present, Power EV’S electric bike is the best in the market. Instagram:


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