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Phoenix Investments – You Can Make Millions in Stock Market With Hardwork, Dedication, Patience.

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The stock market is very uncertain and based on risk-reward return. Because of its volatile nature, one has to be careful while choosing the investment consultant. We come across a reliable investment startup, and Phoenix Investment, started by Kunal Rathi and Govind Mundada.

The Account Head is Laxman Katyare and the CMO is Urvi Sadh.

It all began with a simple idea after observing people losing jobs, facing difficulties, and struggling financially during the pandemic. What began with a small client base, today the company has 500 + clients across the world. 

In an interview with us, Kunal shed more light on their startup. 

When and why you started Phoenix?

We started Phoenix in September 2020 with a simple thought to solve wealth management problems, which occurred to us during the lockdown. We strive to make everyone financially independent while encouraging the younger generation to invest wisely. This was a bold decision as we started a venture in the pandemic and knew the risks rewards would be great. 

What was the main idea?

We have a straight and straightforward idea, “let’s make wealth together,” which is also our USP. The best thing about us is that we manage clients in all situations, providing handholding support wherever necessary because the stock market is uncertain. Our work processes are planned according to clients’ goals to ensure they get a handful of returns.

What is your work motto?

Our priority is building the wealth of clients and taking care of their investment portfolio to give them a good return. For this, we include the different varieties of products in our client base. We believe that “a happy client will get you 10 happy clients,” accordingly making our strategies.

What is your investment philosophy?

We recognize that every individual is unique in terms of his investment time horizon, investment objectives, personal financial situations, levels of interest, indications in the investment, decision-making process & last but not least – his risk-taking ability.

What are your product offerings?

Some of the products we offer:- stock trading platform { which includes both online and offline function }, equity trading, derivatives, mutual funds, portfolio management services, thoughtful sip’s, initial public offers, smart options trading, margin trading, slab { security lending and borrowing }. 

What are some of your company’s strengths? 

We have one of the best research teams in India, along with a robust risk management system supported by a personalized PMS advisory and substantial compliance and back-office infrastructure. Our expert team of 65 + in Mumbai works as per the clients’ requirements. 

What are your plans? 

We aim to have a 3000 + client base shortly. We have more than 200 + students enrolled with our division of Phoenix education part and plan to increase it to a nearly 5000 + student base. We also want our team to work fully automated like Roberts, so all the hurdles will be rectified in advance. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the financial growth of our country positively.

Why should one choose Phoenix?

Phoenix represents a new beginning that no matter how hot things may get, we will get back on our feet and rise from our ashes. 

 We aim to help people grow through Phoenix, providing a platform to make wealth together. Together we will find the solution.

We are here to help and work together across the globe to make a world of difference.

They part with a final note that”a stock market is a place of transferring money from others bank account to yours, and dedication and patience are the key levels of the stock market to achieve success in it.’

Instagram: – pnxinvestments

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Contact: – +91 8182838986


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