“Persistence and patience can help you move mountains,” says ace global entrepreneur Mykel Darrough.

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His brand True Grand Sports, has become a rage in the sports world with the kind of disruptions it has been making with new technologies.

There are tons of talented beings around the world working across different fields with the aim to create their unique standing. However, there is only a handful of them that choose unconventional ways while also trying to walk hand-in-hand with the latest trends of their respective industries to achieve their definition of success. Serving as one of the finest examples of one such incredible personality and entrepreneur is Mykel Darrough, deservedly known as a successful global entrepreneur who has sparkled like a star as an investor, advisor, owner, and innovator in the business world of Michigan. 

Mykel Darrough always wanted to disrupt the sports world for the better and make developments in education in Michigan through his Flint Community Schools, and that’s what he did. In 2015, he initiated True Grand Sports as a global sports distribution company, which has so far provided great exposure to athletes from grade school to the professional ranks. Over time, he has expanded the brand into a huge sports organization and now has been maximizing the potential of newer technologies like metaverse to create positive disruptions in the sports industry for creating greater opportunities for athletes. He even launched a sports franchise in the Middle East in MMA, Truly Grand Fighting Championship.

Learning from his experiences and the many challenges he faced throughout his career, Mykel Darrough advises people to work with persistence and patience to keep walking their path. He wants people to learn to make smart financial decisions in the beginning, trust their team to be the best at what they are there for, and last but not least, walk by faith and not by sight. 

On asking about his aim and aspirations in life, Mykel Darrough says that in the near future, he wishes to see Truly Grand Sports at the top of the sports world with technology. He wishes to create new ways to monetize in the sports industry, creating more opportunities for the athletes, and his dream would be to see the youth take the information and vision that they created and maximize it.

Do not forget to follow him on Instagram @trulygrand_myke to know more.

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