Pearls Has Revolutionized DIY Cigar-Making With Its Cigar Cone

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Like the umbrella, the cigar has not undergone much change over the course of its existence. Cigars will almost always look the same, no matter what cigar you look at. However, a company called Pearls has recently revolutionized cigars by offering a way to create DIY cigar cones.

Pearls are pre-rolled cigar leaf cones. They already include a glass tip and are made using high-quality maduro tobacco leaves grown in Nicaragua. These premium leaves are also aged for at least two years. The company boasts that its leaf is the best on the market. The cigar world currently is experiencing a deterioration in the quality of the tobacco leaves used, leading to a subpar smoke. Pearls has set out to change that, and appears to have achieved it due to its great focus on quality.

For the past several decades, a company called Backwoods has had a de facto monopoly over tobacco leaves in the Dominican Republic. They claimed they were making cigars using quality maduro leaf, yet the quality has consistently declined over the past few decades. Pearls is looking to change that and become a catalyst that leads to greater quality in a billion-dollar market.

The company’s farms are located in Nicaragua and are quite different from others. They are designed as vertically integrated tobacco farms, which was a vision of Pearls CEO Antony Levinson. While only 22 years old today, Antony already has an impressive list of achievements. One of his most impressive products is called the Barewoods Wax Cigar. This cannabis product earned him early success, scoring him awards at High Times cannabis competitions for Best Product of the Year when he was just 19.

Today, Antony can boast that he has sold millions of units of his uniquely-designed products. To this day, he is serving as a partner for a number of cannabis brands. The current president of Pearls, Meyer Akhavan, has led the company to where it designed the world’s first cigar cone. The primary advantage of this design is that a smoker will have the option to pack whatever they want into the premium maduro tobacco leaf that has been pre-rolled.

Pearls wants to see a world where high-quality tobacco leaf is available to everyone, be they newcomers to cigars or seasoned connoisseurs. The inclusion of a glass tip is a big advantage of the DIY cigars that Peals produces. There are also specially engineered tip alternatives that are currently being developed by the company and slated for release soon. This will ensure smokers have a number of options available to them.

Looking forward into 2021 and beyond, Pearls is looking to bring its revolutionary cigar cone to the masses within both the tobacco and cannabis markets. Both Antony Levinson and Meyer Akhavan are wholly dedicated to providing smokers with the best smoking experience they can possibly have, and it appears like they are doing exactly that.

You can learn more about Pearls by going here.


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