Pavel Sheff. The story of a hairstylist.

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Pavel Sheff is a brand, and understanding women is a lifestyle? Who is this Pavel Sheff? Shall we get on with the story and find out?

Pavel Sheff has now over a million fans following his Instagram page and is currently the only hairdresser in Russia to have such a large audience. Yandex provides more than 3 million search results for Pavel Sheff, and there are more than 1 million to be found on Google. Besides that, you can learn about his career and life in the Russian Wikipedia.

Pavel is very active on his Instagram account where he shares professional advice with unfailing regularity. But since Pavel really cares for his audience, he uploads a lot of humorous content about hair and its owners as well – these posts instantly go viral and become extremely popular with the audience.

A celebrity hairstylist and an Instagram celebrity of the beauty industry, Pavel Sheff knows how to make hair perfectly blonde and keep it as healthy and strong as his relationships with the clients. He is a great expert in the latter because to be a good stylist requires being good at psychology, too, so they can really feel which hair color and style is impeccably right for the client.

Pavel Sheff’s journey from an ordinary hairdresser in a small town to a nationwide famous celebrity stylist and owner of his beauty studio in Moscow took just over 12 years. It is hard to tell if that is a little or a lot because each step has been essential and fascinating, and Pavel has never looked back and wanted to change one thing in his life. “Everything happens exactly the way it should”, he says, “and all in good time”.

Pavel Sheff, a global brand ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional in Russia, says that creating a blonde hair color that accentuates the assets of its owner is a real challenge for a professional. He knows well what he is talking about. He has an eye for color and knows the coloring techniques perfectly because first and foremost he is an internationally acclaimed colorist. He became the first Russian winner of the American hairdressing competition #OneShotHairAwards, and not only the audience was won over by his work. This award is an Oscar among hairstylists.

Another Pavel Sheff’s undeniable merit is his gentle approach to hair care. “I am very demanding when it comes to choosing hair coloring products. It is crucially important to me that the results of my work are clear and predictable beforehand and fully satisfying for my clients. I only use coloring products of my favorite Schwarzkopf Professional brand which can help achieve the desired shade and at the same time can even improve the condition of the hair compared to what it was like before the coloring,” says Sheff.

Pavel Sheff has set the Guinness World Record for the longest-lasting online workshop, organized by Henkel. “It is a great honor for me to be a part of the world record and history with a global brand,” Pavel admits.

Yet another major accomplishment of Pavel Sheff’s work is the collaboration with the Tangle Teezer global brand – the producer of the most popular hairbrushes in the world. Sean Palfrey, the founder of the brand, has visited Pavel in his beauty studio in Moscow to get personally acquainted. Shortly afterwards a limited-edition collection of Pavel Sheff’s hairbrushes in collaboration with Tangle Teezer has been released.

Pavel certainly has no plans to stop at what has been accomplished and he is bound to reach new heights and achieve great success in his future.

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